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Or Maybe It's the Weather, or Something Like That -- Portland, OR
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Hey, I know that bridge! Are you in Portland now, or is this old?
I love the light trails. Great shot!
Hey shes biased thats not right:)
i love the way you tilted it for the the streaks to go across the frame
Portland: put a bird on it! +fred armisen
I'm not sure whether to applaud you for the beautiful picture, or curse you for making me homesick. I only live a few hours from Portland, these days, but I rarely have time or money to make it down to Oregon at all.
...mama, you been on my mind. Nice title, excellent shot!
I just got a little vertigo! Which means it works.
No arguments there, I wouldn't live anywhere else! Very cool to see a photo in your stream of somewhere I recognize!
i light this ( i like something like light ^_^)
Look at that red streak there. Nice. Feels like I could reach out and touch it but I'd be electrocuted. I might do it anyway.
Beautiful shot of the Steele Bridge - makes this native homesick for all of Portland's bridges. Hard living 2500 miles away in a city with no bridges. 
I love this, especially the star-burst lights on the far side of the bridge. Awesome detail!
What a crazy view on the bridge. I wish I could have tried that during commutes on the Bay Bridge!
First thought...lower span of the Bay Bridge, second did you photograph that? then I read the title. Beautiful
Dear Thomas, i thought...Laser Beams on the Bay Bridge.
It's awesome guys!!!
it looks like a rainbow:)
The light is amazing! love the lines at the diagonal!
Cool angle and tones here...I love that flying Light ribbons!
Love the colors, tonality, and composition!
The light trails used to frame the pic is insane.
Nice pic. Miss Portland very much. Excellent light trails.
I am in their fotkach lake from this angle. Surprisingly, the water is not spilled.
will u pls give me some tips for photography?
Very intrstng composition...
nice pic...
excellent job. hw did u captured that.
amazing !!! When can you come to Bulgaria - happy to meet !!!
Hey +Thomas Hawk I would love to see a blog post on your process for dreaming up the titles to your photos.
wow super amaaaaaaazing
Very nice photo,what was the shutter speed to get such a clear photo?
Supper pic naaaaaaaaaaaa
What is I S O ????????
+Michael Brock that's a tough one. No particular method. A lot just come straight out of my head. A lot do come from music that I love too that makes sense. This title was actually borrowed courtesy of Bob Dylan "Mama You've Been on My Mind."
Oh muh gosh it's my CITY! YEH! +Thomas Hawk come back n let's get a Portland photowalk going wooo!
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