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Stand Up Straight -- Toronto, Canada
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I don't know what it is that makes me so intrigued in this photo. I know I like it though.
Wow, it looks like a model.
You post the greatest photos. I use to follow a lot of photographers...But narrowed the list to just a few after, frankly becoming bored with their work. I kept you on the list, because your work is always intriguing...
+Thomas Hawk I have to be honest here. I plus 1 you alot. Never commented because you are extremely busy. Always admired your amazing work. But I must show some respect and at least for once give my greatest thanks to your efforts in giving all of us part of you. Thank you +Thomas Hawk 
I would have to agree with Merle Nienhuis. My sentiments exaclty. Each of the images you have  shaed continue to  amazes me. I am a cultural historian that works for Labragirl Pictures within the Images Shaping History Blog. Images as a concept intrigues me, so thank you and contnue your phenomenal work.
Wow!  +Thomas Hawk At first I thought it was a bird cage.  Now it's just a cage with little people.  Very surreal.
That looks like the corner of Front St and York. (North West Corner of Union Station)  Did you take this from the Royal York? It's a neat shot.
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