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Action Before Thought is the Downfall of Modern Man -- Oakland, CA
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that is why action speaks louder than words...
"of modern man and woman" Equality means Equal for all.
I think Washington has it covered, +Seth Taylor. Just to be on the safe side, they opted for complete inaction before, during, or after the thought.
Hate to be in a burning building when you walk by....
if you read between lines you will get what this means.
+Thomas Hawk Oh you also know me so well.Okay have the other part and know the complete truth, ... and repenting over action before thought. Many people live this way. Wonderful post.
just wondering.. the one that sprayed(wrote) those lines did any kind of thinking before he was doing it.!?
But graffiti after thought is the viral photograph of modern interwebs.
On the other hand, as Shakespeare said:

Thus conscience does make cowards of us all,
And thus the native hue of resolution
Is sicklied o’er with the pale cast of thought,
And enterprises of great pith and moment
With this regard their currents turn awry
And lose the name of action.
creation is free to be realized by other people.
Fast reactions, without thinking things through often saves lives. Military, Police, Fire Rescue. Just sayin.
Sounds like most Liberals who want to change the system before they understand the financial impact on us all. It is a warning, not to be a Liberal.
awesome!!! wont u get in trouble for that though???
Training and more training, is what Military, police, fire rescue, nurses, paramedics, Docs....go through. They do think things through, and they have fast reactions.
l agree with you,soobjective and meaningful.
so true these day but i think that people just make bad calls able life problem...
This graffitti is so true,idiots would act without giving it a hint of thought
I always trip before I think about tripping, so true!
The only thing worse than endless thinking (and talking) with no action.
Without action, thought is a waste.
But without thought, action is a mechanic ejecution. And usually something completely idiot or pointless.
Instinct has a limited probability of making you do the right thing.
Sometimes a fast unconscious reaction can save your life, than losing time thinking what to do.
Modern man? Pretty sure Epimethius predates spray paint by a couple thousand years... ;-P
If you dared to put your hand up to answer a question posed by my school teacher and you said, "I've been thinking, sir". His reply would be, "well you know what thought did.... NOTHING!". Its all relative really!!! Common Sense...Aghhh!!!!!
The downfall of modern man is brought on by the inability to act on 'right' thought. The above quote discredits intuition and overstates rational thinking.
Hahaha totally right, not really useful in some situations!
lol, I don't agree either. Not all of them don't have;)
Black and white pictures of graffiti is the downfall of the modern man.
True, how much thought went into posting this photo?
obviously someone didnt think before spraying -.-
i like it...true, very very true :)
Even the thoughts before actions (of some) can be the downfall, also.
Usually what makes the most sense is put in the fewest words.
If that were true, there would be no modern man in the first place.
bahaha at maria. seriously, stop being sos closed minded and look around.
D Sag
no wonder america is the way it is with everyone who thinks that's true. Keep thinking about your debt instead of taking action to pay it! WINNER!
If only George W. Bush and company would have read this.
“There is nothing more frightful than ignorance in action.”
-Goethe (1749-1832)
aint that the freakin truth !!
At first glance I thought it read "modem man" instead of modern...both could be appropriate.
Put brain into gear before mouth.
Found on a prison cell wall, one would hope.
thought precedes all action, this is the axiom
you can dream all you want it cost money, if you want to be an artist or painter .... then you better have a good work of art that you drew in kinder .... otherwise the absence of talent will be obvious to all but you.  Certainly Michelangelo did not start to draw when he was fifty.  If you want to be a conductor, then you better know the language, music....or you will end up on the train.  Many dreams are spent on sports, yes the pay off is big, if you are the one in a million.  If you want to be a singer .... you need a great voice.  You dont need a manager, sing in the street corner and they will come.  It happened lots of time to people singing on the stump ..... ask shanana.  
You cannot become a great guitarist, if you dont practice and if you lack talent .... The guitar has strings, a body, both are instruments and if your strings are to long and dont match you voice you need a capo, if your music requires more speed from your finger,more than you can give, than you need to shorten the distance .... el requinto .... and you need to change the strings to softer ones, so you can practice longer, the will to win means nothing without the will to practice, just like in the commercials, you cant dream your way to the olympics, you have swim there.   if you have no discipline .... the only place for you is the street corner just pray and hope that there will be enough drugs for you to put you out of your pathetic life.
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