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Morning -- San Bruno, CA
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You made the difference dude...
Its inspiring...
Looks like a war cemetery. lol indeed.
The ending usually defines how the rest of the life story goes.
That looks like Arlington. Nice shot. Very somber.
Looks like there's a few (actually, a lot of) stones missing... Interesting.
This reminds me of Arlington, VA. After a visit there, you will never be the same.
I cannot believe I missed this venue on my last trip to Silicon Valley/San Fran. But it is hard to hit everything in 4 days. Next trip will be better organized.
whatever the reason we must show respect for our fallen troops....
reminds me of Arlington Cemetery by Washington, DC
lookz like mi brainz memorri hard driv 2 much up thur cuzzasstrixz
I used to drive past there twice a week.
I have never been there before.... no offense but are those candles if they are that is kwel.
I love the "holes". Looks like an old music box.
The sacrifices that have been made for this country lie below those white headstones on green grass. Let us not forget. Let us pray. Amen.
+Courtney Tucker it is a lot, and they're all there because they were fighting so that you don't have to, and so that you can post banality like "OMG" on Google+.
Shana A
this a cemetary?
Shana A
looks like a military one.
Essa foto deve ser mais para reflexão?!
May they continue to rest in peace, and may we continue to be proud and humbled of the service they gave . . . . .
+闻澍 not necessarily...but they are all vetrans...
Sad but it is good to remember, i hope they are at peace. Thank you to all our veterans.
these are the people we can thank for our freedom so thank you and never forget that our troops our fighting for you :)
For anyone who is not able to live near a national cemetery . . . Every year for Memorial Day, the boy scouts and other groups go throughout the place and put a small American Flag on EVERY marker. At GGNC there is a mound in the center with the main American Flag, and a circular road leading to the top. This road as well as the other main access roads are lined with larger American Flags. All of this can be seen from US280 driving to or from SF. Trust me, IMPRESSIVE does not cover it.
if you look in the back row you can see Crosses.
Right or wrong, agree with or not, +Milan Kramárik at least show respect for those who were willing to DIE for your ability to voice your opinion ! The image is not about WHY they died. But THAT they paid a price with their lives.
That photo puts a completely different perspective on it - in more ways that one
I'll be one of those one of these days...
it'd just be green and white...XD
bch 12
Powerful image
You - once more - captured the moment there, Thomas. Thanks again.
reminds me of the movie "Stone Gardens"
so Pices Full place............................
I visited the Golden Gate National Cemetery for the 1st time last fall. Incredible mood this place conveys. Wonderful capture, Thomas!
WHy are some stones missing ? Are they reserved for living persons or have they been removed ?
and to think that there are people out there who loot and litter these memorials to our troops!!!!!!!! And even worse are those who go to the soldiers funerals and SPIT on the troops graves and still believe there (the people spitting) are doing the right thing!?! THEM B@ST@RDS
It reminds us of how many die everyday for the freedoms we take for gran-tit, we as a species need to wake up one day and smell the damn coffee because war is never going to end until we do. so PLEASE take this pic to heart!!!!!!!!
I cry every time I think about the war cause alot of my family members was in the war.
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