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If You Want to Get Laid, Go to College, But If You Want an Education, Go to the Library -- San Francisco, CA
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How could I be such a fool? You didn't try to call me, because I ain't got no heart? Go cry on somebody else's shoulder, Suzy Creamcheese.
you are smart, Doug !
it would be cool if links showed a thumbnail preview like FB.
very very deep philosophy
Too funny - I was thinking about him this morning, oddly enough! Nice find, +Thomas Hawk!
Education is what you do for yourself, whether in the library or the classroom. Read, and also argue with the authors, with your peers, and your teachers. Take every opportunity.

Zappa's comment may have been historically accurate, even if not universally true. 
If you wanna keep working and getting pay'd .. I'd rephrase your posts "T" "H" or go right to the "Unemployment'iary'um".... - js -
there is a library in every college! :D
Dude, you're wrong. If you want an education , go to college. I'm not going to college just to get laid. I'm going to college to learn so I can get a better job.
Getting laid is indeed "the modification of behavior" and in other words Education... LOL:)
Frank was truly unique. "Apostrophe" is one of my favorite records.
It is very difficult for some to admit that they spent all that money to get an education and realize they only got laid. (Or even worse, they didn't get laid and just got screwed.)
Hm, I didn't find either one in either place. This explains a I better go and do it all over again. Oh what joy abounds at the thought of the prospects that await...geez.
Disclaimer: I studied in Australia. Your cynical mileage may vary

+Alistair Bawden and +sasa brannam, while I wish I shared your optimistic view I have to agree in some part with Frank Zappa. Or maybe you are lucky to have studied at a University where teaching is the main focus of the institution, rather than publishing research papers and milking international student for cash.

Yes, some academics helped me by teaching me how to think and acquire knowledge. The vast majority however were only teaching because they were required to by their contract, and their pay packets were linked to research paper output so teaching was a secondary concern.

Not only that, but they have slowly diluted content so that they can pump out international students out faster. Where once a group of engineering student would be required to design, code, fabricate, solder and test an electronic digital acquisition kit we now have a cookie-cutter board that is partially completed for us.

At least for me (and maybe it's only a phenomenon in Australia), but Universitys are becoming degree factories.... I learned more outside of the lecture room than inside it.

end rant
Uggh, I always hate this sentiment. The whole Good-Will-Hunting-I-can-do-it-on-my-own-without-some-snooty-professor attitude. Anyone who has a quality education understands the value of lectures, and more importantly, class discussion and debate. New ideas are presented and your paradigms are challenged by your peers. The value of learning in an environment where you must master critical thinking to build on other's ideas and add your own meaningful insight cannot be overstated.

Just use the library? I am sure you could kick ass at Jeopardy, but you are not educated.
To how many colleges did he go?
Sounds like someone touched a few nerves. I had not realized that discussion and debate did not take place outside the hallowed halls of academia, that books do not contain new ideas, and could never challenge my paradigms. Could anyone direct me to the nearest admissions office? I believe I'm in danger of being hopelessly ignorant, just like Frank!
I like the library. But I'm gonna LOVE college. ;)
If you want both in one shot, join the Marine Corps.
Educational establishment or just another giant financial institution that leaves you with a mortgage you can't live in or default on? 70% of graduates won't even use their degrees and many professors lack actual experience in the fields they are teaching in. I am a college graduate and I will be the first one to admit I won't be entering the field I studied in. 
+Kevin P. Buckley a bit of humor based on the fact that Marines do not question orders. I know you were referring to TA, thus the wink. ;-) But don't mind me, I'm just a dumb old retired squid.
Sorry for the misinterpretation, +Chris Holt. I might be a little more defensive today than normal!
Lol self explanatory ... not an easier way to put it ha

Ahhhhh.....COLLEGE.....Gonna love it. :)
I want to do both
where to go???
For someone worried about kids being here...

King Cash11:26 PM
Yes you bitch (Randa) There kids here 

Your language does not seem too appropriate for your cause... Although, from your offensive sort of tone you seem to be acting like a bitch rather than a defender of the young people.
Crap. I knew I messed up somewhere....
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+Mark Hardy What do you mean, they do allow thumbnails for links! There are only a few times where one didn't come up for me!
What's with the holes in the card; did the guy die or something?
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Looks like the guy in the picture chose college. I know I'm not the only one who knows he's stoned. :)
Guess he never figured out where to get a good haircut and a shave.
Cool Frank Thanx :) Hmm what do you think i can get if i go to the college library?
i think good,if you read book in the library
I'm not trying to be lame, but if you want an education, go to college. I rather get a better job than get laid.
Quite true. ive always said college is just to expensive just to "screw off" all those years and to what? ... to end up flipping burgers at the local jack in the box lol
adam t
What If you want both?
Sorry; but was this Zappa's Theory of Rises in Tuition? O.o
If this is true why have I not been laid since going to college?
if any one lacks knowledge let them go to college, if anyone lacks wisdom let them ask God
Ve vo
ahahaha... depends on ur own motivation. go to college or library... even go to a mall... what r u seeking?
The colleges I went to all had libraries - I had the best of both worlds.
Good old ... Frankie Z.
Dear Amna Ahmed,
Get your finger out of your mouth and don't speak.
Somebody tell Amna not to speak.
you can do both in a library
you can candy but you have to be quite when your fucking
In college u will get real life demonstrations and practicals while reading at a library gives no education but knowledge,knowledge in itself without application is useless.the application part u will use in college ,however cant disagree with the gettin laid part. Reading about getting laid is completrely different from getting
+Nassar Zeitoune I'm Australian and studying engineering in my first year (will be choosing to go with Civil) - from what I've heard from other engineers that's basically it - you pretty much just need the piece of paper, then learn what you really need to know through practical experience on the job!

I have talked to some international research students who are quite frustrated at the amount of paperwork required to test something, that there is so much paperwork over here that it makes it difficult to get any significant amount of practical work done.
I think Frank's point is that you are an active, in fact, THE active participant in your own education. You won't become truly educated by simply assimilating into a system, whether that be college or the library.
I don't think this is very true, there are plenty hotties at the library trying to learn to read.
It should be a combination of both. You should always do your own research to get a better understanding and thats where the library comes into play. However, a college atmosphere allows you to get a different perspective from other peers which you cannot get from just going to the library.
incondicionalmente de lo ke opine, soy fan full de Frak, idolo mostro great genius
Without college you dont need a library and when do that is for literary purposes and not knowledge acquisition because it doesnt come without an aid .
Without college you dont need a library and when do that is for literary purposes and not knowledge acquisition because it doesnt come without an aid .
Maybe that needs to be corrected to "If you want to get laid and get a piece of paper , go to college", but I have to agree with Frankie Z
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