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Love Like a Sunset -- Napa, CA
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Fantastic. The colors are perfect!
Last night just before dinner with +Trey Ratcliff +susan ratcliff +Karen Hutton +Joe Dolister and my wife +Julia Peterson I found this odd sculpture made of colored glass in Napa, California.

I was able to shoot last night's sunset through the colored glass of the sculpture to get this interesting sort of effect. This is pretty close to straight out of the camera as shot through the colored glass.

We also ran into +Robert Scoble and +Aaron Strout at the restaurant later as well. Napa was a good place to be last night. :)
A coral sunset......dramatic and full of the color of love.
Jimmy S
cool effect there.Great stuff.Thanks for explanation.
Wow! What great silhouettes against that fiery background:-)
B A U T Full.. man does that look inviting.. the colors then that hint of light in the very background?? superb!!
(I first wanted to tell you how lovely the colors where there, but I suppose you knew that already ;-) )
I love it! It looks like a beautiful painting.
impressive PINK......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
Awesome this is so beautiful.....carry on thomas...great job...
lol id always be under tht tree durning the sunset
Man you did a great job getting that shot through a colored glass so clear it's perfect....I love photography I always wanted to take classes, I should start.
God hooked you up on that one, homie. :)
holey crap that is so cool i wonder where it is
That is so pretty! It's too bad we don't have anything like that here in MN :(
That is definitively capturing the moment! As a critic I give you an A++
Muy buena imagen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ONE WORD NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I like sunsets especally this one
Ken G
Great pic
DJ Noch
really beautiful
oh my gosh!! i am so into photography and art where did you take this i would love to go paint it or something!!
genial.. la verdad una de las mejores fotos que veo!
That is so beautiful, just love it.
wow that is a beautiful sunset
too much post-processing.

(kidding - I know how he took it...hehe)
As a fan of reds in general and sunsets, it doesn't get much better than this one!
Beautiful sunset you certainly caught that one.
Yh Shum
wow. it is beautiful
nice... this as u got or edited?
Wow! This is soooo beautiful - even better than when I saw it last night! So nice too to meet you +Thomas Hawk and your wife Julia! Keep up the great work!
i love dis.....i wish i can see dis kind of sunset.........its beautifullll......^_^
wonderful image ....................
great how the sky looks behind the tree's
the colors are amazing. i didnt know dat the sky coud do dat??!!
dark red.. what's the suspense story? :)
I really like this image 
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