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The Miles Were Good -- Death Valley, CA
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Awesome composition, love how the road leads the eye.
What an amazing looking place. Not the place I would expect to see a sealed road!
Very nice pictures! Did you go to Saline Valley? They have some nice "natural hot spring" pools there. 
wow que bonito que claridad de imagen
me recuerda mi organismo
i try it when i play Need For Speed The Run xD its so good
Simboliza el camino de la vida, es recta o es una gran vivora aplastada jijiji. !!!
+Thomas Hawk Reminds me of my buddy David Thornell. He would be a great addition to your Facebook curated list.
I thought there was snow in death valley !!! 
Idéntico al de Need For Speed.. está genial para hacer longboard. jeje.
Jacob G
Car lovers will love this pic, because it is hard to find roads like this in America! Long, smooth curves, and no bumps!! Damn it sound like I am talking about the perfect women haha!
Beautiful shot. The desert is clean
Daryn R
Along this lonesome highway, the desert wind in my hair, the silence of the moment is a wonderful thing to share.
Been there, make sure you have H2O, and gas.
amazing...USA rocks..:)
No grass less mowing :) god I love desert 
What is it about long deserted road pictures that I love so much?? Maybe it reminds me of the paths that are still waiting for me to travel...
very nice!...............
una hermosa carretera con curvas y subidas en un gran desierto de arena blanca y hierba muerta,,,
that road looks like it wants to be driven on.......
I just noticed it was taken at Death Valley, I was so loving the photo I didn't even look... Anyways, the sand dunes there are amazing and it is so very beautiful driving through there.
guao, parece un montaje asi como un cierre...
I have never been in a beautiful road like this. Why it is named death valley?
I live in the desert so I'm rather unimpressed by this shot. In fact makes me want to turn my swamp cooler on high. But I could see how some poor slug in new York or miami might would find this to be a neat picture 
You better go in with plenty of water and a good car. 
Suzuki Katana or Ferrari430 screaming in this stretch..what a toss-up@
ne win
i want to go and see it if possible.
this will take to the around the world
Incredible beautiful , congratulations
I discussed this post with 2 people in a hangout.
Great place to park on side and have sex hahaha 
Its like in sahara, but the difference is this one has road to guide you, lols.

- Danny
Ian M
Now thats a road for Ducati 1198S
Long and windy road inviting for a drive. 
This look like mars, according with Curiosity.
Looks like thats near Pahrumph.
Now, this is a very nice picture, Thomas.
It is the hottest place in the US, and one of the hottest in the world. Has Bear Grylls tried to survive there  yet?
Way cool! Love this photo! :)
que se puede esperar de alguien que padece un problema psiquiatrico como padece ella? ,,,NADA!!! no hay demasiado que pensar,,, lamentablemente estamos en manos de una enferma ,,,y asi nos va!!!  ademas de estar enferma de soberbia y de ambicion desmedida!! que pena!
Beautiful? There is absolutely nothing beautiful there hence DEATH valley
alma mz
Un encantador punto en este mundo! ♥ღღೋ♥ღ
Holly H
Love this area! Sunsets are so colorful!
hi how r u  very  nice yaar plz  add me
this would be one of the places i would not want to be stranded on for days hoping for anyone to come by and save me.jst sayin:)
Looks like the roads in Texas at night driving alone......just u and the rabbits....
Roads going to some unknown place are one of my favorite archtypes.
What is up with death valley?! It looks.....D E A D!
visit that place in july when temperature  goes to 57°C :-D
We went.......stayed in the very aptly named "Furnace Creek"..... thank goodness the AC was working in the room. It is hot Hot HOT !!! 110 F in the shade at 9.30am! Beutiful place hot you feel you could float in it. And that was October.........strangely tho, some roads had been washed away by floods a couple of weeks earlier. Surreal.
This is exactly reminiscent of any scenery I saw while travelling on bus through Europe but the perception it gives of an endless road really makes me nostalgic for that trip. 
Yea, thou I walk through the death valley, I shall not fear! 
if youd put some dead but fake calm down people bodies and some skeleton there and then the u took the picture then i would say its a death valley,..,
I would love to ride the motorcycle down that road.
there r better roads in death valley that the city
I like Death Valley, LA. The one in Baton Rouge. Tiger Stadium. Geaux LSU!
si en el litoral de Uruguay hubiera al menos UNA sola carretera más o menos paresida a esta estariamos sumamentes orgullosos, pero tenemos que sircular rompiendo nuetros coches entre posos y lomos es espatoso!!! 
Didn't get hitch hicked by a skeleton then...
"The main cause of death in Death Valley: More people die in single-car accidents than by any other means. To avoid an accident, follow the speed limits, shift to a lower gear on steep downhill grades, and wear your seatbelt."
why they cant construct roads in a straight manner
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Nice place for a SAMCRO riding!
The undertaker from here cool. Wwe.
me encantario estar con un ferrari o un porche pior esas carretras
I feel sorry for whoever had to go out and pave that.
¡Espectacular! Paisaje, muy relajante.
It seems to me that a long journey is yet to begin. I like it very much.
a fast life do not wait for any offer manjil mil hi jayegi
I would like to go for long drive on such way
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