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“From my perspective, Google+ is to Facebook and Twitter what Macintosh is to Windows: Better, but fewer people use it, and the pundits prophesy that it will fail. As a lover of great products, this rankles my soul.

I hate when people don’t use the best tool. Sometimes people don’t know that a better tool exists. Sometimes they know it exists but not that it’s better. Sometimes they try the better tool, but the tool doesn’t stick for them.

The year 1987 was the last time I wrote a book about a product (The Macintosh Way). After using Google+ for a few months, I felt the need to write another product-oriented book. This book explains “what the plus” makes Google+ as special as Macintosh.”

+Guy Kawasaki
What the Plus “From my perspective, Google+ is to Facebook and Twitter what Macintosh is to Windows: Better, but fewer people use it, and the pundits prophesy that it will fail. As a lover of great pr...
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Just wrote up a short review on +Guy Kawasaki's new book, "What the Plus!" definitely a great read on Google+
Just downloaded the ebook, can't wait to read it
Hmmm... though people on G+ hate Apple for the most part. ;)
I agree with your Google+ comment about being better than Twitter or Facebook. I don't about your Mac vs. Win 7 comment.
There is nothing more special with a Macintosh...
The conversations I've had here are far and away the best I've had on the net since I was dialing into BBS's back in the day...

Its about quality not quantity...
May be interesting, even if I think that the best tool for someone is not necessarily the best one for others...
+Aaron Wood dude I totally love Apple. They make the best computers in the world today. I like the Android phone better though. :)
Macintosh is certainly no more special than windows, but that's not what Apple wants you to believe.
I love my Mac and I'm digg'n G+! Though out of all the people in my circles there's only one I know personally. With that said, I've learned a lot from others since joining G+.
+Thomas Hawk, awww... and here I was thinking you were one of the cool kids! ;) lol
I'd argue that the degree to which Google+ is superior to Facebook and Twitter is much greater. Google+ is balanced.
OMG, comparing G+ to Macintosh totally turned me off
I think that FB is a perfect fit for a certain crowd whereas G+ has its own denizens. I once encouraged my FB friends to migrate , but upon reflection, they weren't really G+ types. 
The social networking craze is kinda over-rated
The problem with "better" products is, that it is most often in the eye of the beholder. I don't like Apple, but love G+. I can easily understand why some people prefer FB. If you want to connect with friends/family, it is better than G+ (and probably will continue to be so), while G+ is perfect for meeting new people.
+Aaron Wood there is a lot of Apple people on G+
Now that doesn't mean everyone else hates Apple they simply don't like them.
Google plus is much better for interacting and communicating about subjects like photography. But people are already posting cutie pictures with can sayings on them and I'm afraid it is just going to get like facebook and my space where the content becomes lost in a sea of 3rd grader stickers. the first time I see a post like " If you really love your Fathers Cannon you will share my drivel" I'm out of G+
It's really an emotional roller-coaster, isn't it? Mac'ists tend to be the move creative / innovative types who are probably the majority on G+.

Yet I can't get Chrome to work well at all with Lion. So I know I'm missing the total Google experience. But I'm doing what I can to make it work with the Fox.

I know Apple would love to make Google disappear and Google is doing it's best to provide alternatives , ie; Android to make us less drawn to the Apple Store for our gear.

But Thomas is right. G+ is not going away. It isn't blasting past Facebook any time soon. But it is a much better platform for what it does.
+Tress Chapin might I suggest uncircling people who post that sort of content that you don't want to see? I think we all largely determine our own experience here depending on who you circle. I get very little of that third grade sticker stuff. I mostly get intelligent commentary along with a ton of kick ass photography... but that's what I want to see and how I've defined my circles.

Not to get into the watermarking debate for the millionth time, but like you don't like third grade stickers, I don't like seeing photos watermarked. The solution there is easy, just don't circle people who post stuff that you don't like. My photo view is now largely watermark free.
"I hate it when people don't use the best tool. Sometimes people don't know that a better tool exists. Sometimes they know it exists but not that it's better."
Totally! Someday you'll switch to Nikon +Thomas Hawk . I'm joking! Sorry I couldn't resist! Honestly, just joking! ;-)
I love G+. I love the layout, the circles, the photo talent here and the sense of community.
As an IT system administrator, I would never say that Apple OS's are better than Windows... at least they haven't been since Windows XP was released.
Back in Windows 98 time, with all the sudden system freeze, of course I'd rather use a Mac for image manipulation - we had one at school and worked a charm (while I still have nightmares about some rendering done on AutoCAD back then)
Now Apple computers are just fancier and (unreasonably) more expensive.

P.S.: I hope I didn't mess up with grammar and orthography :p
This place is really only as good as you make it... The ease with which we can circle/uncircle means that the best stuff can rise to the top very quickly while spammers and other crap can get more or less ignored...

I actually think that this is part of the problem to be honest... I've tried to bring many friends, family, and customers over here but the most common thing they tell me is 'but nobody I know is here', to which I usually try to explain that that is exactly the point...

Google needs to really start focusing on advertising that this isn't another Facebook... It's a truly social network in that it has become a place where people from all over the planet gather around TOPICS and engage in some amazing sharing and discussion... I've met more fantastic people in the last several months on here then in the last 15 years online...
I think drawing broad conclusions is a tricky business -- I love macs and still think they do most things I need to do better than pcs, even after 25+ years using both, but pcs do some things better now as well. I love G+, but there are some things I like better about FB, though not as a whole. And most people I know wouldn't care -- G+ or FB -- since there are trade-offs to both. There are definite things better about G+ but some things they've made much more difficult than necessary. But the biggest deterrent to G+'s success is that, other than early adopter ones, peoples' actual friends and family are already installed on FB -- unless you can get that bulk of people to switch over, it's not going to triumph over FB, even for those of us who'd rather have no FB Big Brother.
I have said this a few times +Thomas Hawk but I think Facebook is like the High School of social networking, whereas Google+ is where people go if they want a "higher education" lol.
Here is why G+ remains a small grain of sand: you need to switch to gmail for your mail. Facebook does not require you to change your email address. While you don't have to technically change your address, you do need to start using a gmail account, and people don't want to have two emails to check. For freedom to use with any email address, facebook wins. The rest of the details don't matter. End of story.
+Donald Teed Actually thats not true... You just need a Google account which can be any email address...
“From my perspective, Google+ is to Facebook and Twitter what Macintosh is to Windows". You mean.. two different things that can't be compared? (The Macintosh was a personal computer, while Windows is an OS). I'd say: Google+ is to Facebook what Linux is to Windows. Geeks use it, thinking they are superior, but in the end both of them suck. There just isn't any better alternative. So you can pick your poison, but stop god damn recruiting.
+Donald Teed Uh, except that Facebook automatically gives you a free e-mail address now? Either way, nothing compels you to use or check either address. So, that's not actually different at all.
+Donald Teed I'm so glad I turned my email over to gmail years ago. It does sooooooooo much better than anyone else at killing spam.
I wrote 6 paragraphs about Macs, why the Mac analogy is IMO wrong, and how I perceive G+ in the ocean of social networks and interactions.

Then I thought: "why did you do that, noone cares?!" and deleted it.

I am glad that +Thomas Hawk liked the book by +Guy Kawasaki, but I rather read something completely different than 137 pages about something so trivial as G+.

There's no big secret here and no way to win it.

Just use and enjoy it. Or not. Noone cares ;)
Matt C
Aside from other advantages, I like that a stream in G+ requires no browser refreshing, or even buttons to be clicked to receive new information. Also, the lack of pointless "status updates" is a bonus as well.
+Donald Teed While Facebook does hold the majority of users for social networking. Gmail is a far superior email application that allows the ability to import/export any/all email addresses, allowance of filters, calendar export and sms notifications upon events. Google Services/Applications are far superior than any other service provider. To be quite honest in my own personal opinion, Google seems to intertwine every avenue of social networking far exceeding the abilities of Facebook alone. To be so one sided and closed is only the end of your story. Keep your book open, the next page may reveal what you want to know... Have a great day!
I agree when anyone posts facebook crap its an automatic uncircle. I do love G+ because you can learn from the best photographers in the world. You can also get perspectives on things you would have never seen without G+.
It's not so much a question of better or worse. Most people have such a large network built up on Facebook, that the quality lies in the connections already built, not so much an issue of a smoother experience.
common people dont like change. Once FB hits the dust, they'll migrate. I just hope G+ doesnt cave to crazy requests like FB has since after the major population of it. If it aint broke, dont fix it!
Thomas I think your right. I use google for my Earthquack, Tornado,and volcano Reasurtch and THEY do great work In keeping me Informed. And Allso using google earth To find Ground movement and land depresoins so I can Inform people of patetal risks. So for your help and good WORK you make my job and final desion easyer and safer for all the people of world so thank you. Rod The Majestic Lion god bless you SEYA
I wouldn't say mac is better. It's just bad in a different way.
Hey, I have about 5 email accounts or more. I'm not talking for me. I'm talking for all of the friends I've tried to pull off facebook to try G+. I'm simply telling you what they tell me. They don't want to check another email account. Facebook gave them the freedom of signing up purely for social networking and from where they are now in email. They don't want to switch their email, which is what they believe is necessary. It doesn't matter if it is true or not, but what they believe. Of course none of you get it. You are G+ users and you don't have this mental block. Face it. There is no rush to G+. G+ is free and better. There has to be a reason people are staying with Facebook. "That's where all my friends are" isn't a real reason. Everyone's friends used to be in chat clients and they all left that for facebook.
+Donald Teed We have borderline got off topic here and will reside with the ability to not come to an agreement. Time will tell. There are many different uses to each and pros/cons associated with both. I enjoy the (circles) professional networking in G+ far more than that of speaking to someone playing zynga and speaking their mind every 5 minutes.
What I would like to share is a friend's ability to help a friend. Please share with yours:

Have a wonderful day :)
"Better" is a matter of opinion. Certainly it depends on usage too. Sorry, for me to simply keep up with my friends, Facebook is much better.
Interesting to see that some people still think they're superior to others based on the type of computer or social network they use.

What's next? Cars?
i should say G+ makes me feel so close to the whole world for the first time. In China ,we have no normal access to Facebook or Twitter.So i should say, G+ must have appealed many Chinese users,and i feel it so great,compared to many other social-communication products.
When people make statements like "I hate when people don’t use the best tool" it ruins all credibility for the rest of their statements. The concept of some kind of "best tool" is bogus. It presumes that everybody wants or needs the same thing. It assumes that everybody works the same way. It's an inherently flawed premise.
well said +Anita Young! ive seen this happen for different products whether its nikon vs canon, mac vs windows, xbox vs ps3, etc. i feel each should use what appeals to them.
Pretty sure facebook's sole purpose has become "hey, im getting married" - or, let me torture you with a million baby pictures everyday... and I'm sure you'd just love to see what the dog did to the garbage can in my kitchen.....
without a doubt we've all got our opinions. which is why we choose what we do. but should everyone buy/use the same products, wouldnt that remove the differences we may have? how awesome would +Google+ be if every picture posted was the same? taken from the same body and lens? same composition? not very awesome. and its been said competition is best for consumers. so to that i say bring it.

that being said, go buy a CANON because that is what +Thomas Hawk uses.

haha i kid
+Dave Collins I think you misunderstand what I'm saying here. I'm not saying Facebook is better. G+ is better feature-wise. I've tried explaining the multiple benefits of G+ to friends, and they say thanks but no thanks, they just want one email, one social network, etc. That isn't my opinion, but theirs. So if you want to know why people are not coming, listen to them.

I'm also suggesting if you allowed G+ to sign up without requiring a google account, it might be easier for people to join. When you set up a G+ account, you are setting up a gmail account as well. It is possible to add a secondary email account to it, but that is something most people won't get in to. Remember, we are talking about the masses here. People have to remember when garbage day is. They don't want to complicate things with additional features to enable like some of us geeks might.
+Jay Henry No way the Canon is a Mac. The Canon has way too many flaws and is clunky. A Mac would never have dust on it's sensor like a Canon does. That said, the 135L lens is the best lens I've ever shot with.
You are right, but I am sort of tired of the social network...I really don't like that facebook selects who shows up on your page, so I really like the control of circles, but as you noted so many people are already on facebook, so it's been hard for me to get my friends interested in yet another social network.
facebook is better than this site, even though im always on it
+Rene Snajder I think you misunderstand what is happening there. It is creating a google account, which creates a gmail and a bunch of other account types for the google product line. The other email address you set up is a normal part of the gmail set up - a primary address it can use for password reset, etc.
A matter of opinion like "Macintosh is [better than] Windows" shouldn't be used to compare the two. You quickly alienate a large readership just by making that claim. Had you used a better comparison (There's millions, such as flying first class instead of coach) you would have kept more readership and improved your metaphor. When making comparisons over products, it is best to make comparisons to things that are not potentially alienating a consumer.

In a world where print of all kinds is on the decline, we as writers must constantly think of how to keep more readers interested. Just my two cents.
I'm onboard with both the apple and the plus. I deleted my facebook!
why must they compete? Variety is the spice of life, choice! Comparing and contrasting in an effort to say one is better makes NO SENSE. Just let us enjoy ALL, please.
Actually when you create a Google account it in fact doesn't turn on most of their other services until the first time you go to use them... Gmail included...
One of the main complaints regarding Facebook is the quality of posts.
This is real simple, are in control of who you friend on FB. If the quality of posts and material disappoints you, then you have no one but yourself to blame for having such a sucky group of friends.
It's become annoyingly trendy to bust on FB these days. It's almost as if it's a requirement to show how hip (ugh) you are.
Apple has always been thinking out of the box and really pushing the technology in general. Same applies to google technologies.
The corollary to the MAC/PC debate isn't strong, in that all experiences are coalescing to the web. When will that be true of social networks? Who's working on that?
There are plenty of reasons why people don't use Mac's. There are lots of people like myself who do not like the culture and the way they do business. Also many would argue that Windows 7 is just as good as OSx and it's just a matter of personal preference.
I'd use G+ more but there are hardly any people here who interest me. It takes a specific set of interests (some being niche) and a personality that's cheerful and fun-loving (without being awkward/creepy) to make me feel that someone on G+ that I don't know is worth circling.
facebook got dumb for me the past couple weeks, so went back here... by myself... ill just wander around the desolate expanse of google+ till facebook explodes i guess.
A lot of my friends--my cosplay friends in particular don't really care much for Twitter or G+. To them, the only social networking sites worth giving two shirts about are Facederp, Tumblr (whose UI I despise), and deviantART (and I am not an art sort).
I hate comparison of Google+ to Macintosh.
Especially when Apple does everything possible to kill Android.
+Google+ the buzz is all over...I want it to succeed because competition is good but it will eventually die just like Buzz etc...Google+ has made Facebook even better so I and millions see no reason to switch
"what Macintosh is to Windows: Better"


There's my laugh of the day, cheers!
Except for the part where I have no control over it. I am not friends with Thomas Hawk, don't want to be friends, and now he's on my home page? WTF? Am I going to have to block every person in the world before it stops?
+Tim Cokayne Better is subjective. If you mean better as in what will change the world and help 3rd world nations get out of the stone age by giving their populations access to information in a more efficient and cost effective manner then well Android wins. (deep breath)

Btw +The Verge gave ICS 4.0 10 out of 10 on the Galaxy Nexus.

How you like them Apples?
"Google+ is to Facebook and Twitter what Macintosh is to Windows: Better, but fewer people use it"

And with that, you have proven you don't know what you're talking about. On a variety of levels.
+John Vogler there is a reason why I am on your home page. Either you have circled me, you have circled someone who reshared my post, or you've read this in "what's hot."

You can uncircle me if you accidentally circled me. You can uncircle someone who has reshared my story if you find it that offensive. You can mute "what's hot" by moving it down to never show me. You can also mute this story on a one-off basis if you don't want to follow it. Control belongs to you 100%

Each of us controls what is in our network. I find by and large I like what I see on Google+. It's mostly a mix of photography, stuff from my friends, and interesting insight and commentary. If I see something so overwhelmingly banal sometimes I'll uncircle the source of where that banality came from.

You have absolute control over what you see on Google+. Each of us do.
This is exactly why Linux still has a 0.0000001% desktop market share. people are just lame.
mac is not better than windows. every os has its own list of advantages. hate when people compare linux, windows and mac. just saying.
but linux sucks......
I am really enjoying Google+. I am glad that not everyone is aware of it, with Facebook and Twitter you don't get half the intelligence that is out there. I appreciate this form of social media, it seems to be a forum not unlike thanks to Google+ for their intelligence.
can piss off a lot more people on twitter and facebook
+Bev Rose one of the things that I like about Google+ is that it's harder for people to piss each other off here. The blocking tool is so robust. I love that. If I don't like what someone says I can just wipe them completely and entirely out of my G+ existence. This is a great tool to deal with trolls, harrasers, etc. and one of the reasons why I like Google+ better than Twitter where trolls and griefers can still +Thomas Hawk you and you end up seeing it.

I think this sort of power actually encourages civility. I quit most flickr groups because I got tired of the harassment there. Here, if those same people show up I can just mute them out of existence. That rocks so hard.
I agree with G+ being better than Facebook, hence I use it. However, windows<mac? I think not.
I wish this book was available at Google Play, instead of Amazon. Anyone see the irony?
Holy mother of threads! I'm a pretty new to G+ but in my limited time I see FB vs G+ as apples vs oranges. FB is where my family & friends are, much more private, personal conversations going on over there. G+ is way more social as far as people I don't "know". Dialog is way more 2 way with people who actually want to interact. I see ample room for both.

Mac vs PC is no longer relevant. It became obsolete after Apple switched to the intel processors in '06.
Agree completely with the original post. Disagree with the last post - there is no comparison between Windows and Apple - the processor doesn't matter. But I am very glad there are lots of Windows users - otherwise the lines at the Apple stores would be unmanageable!
I prefer G+ over Facebook as well, but disagree with the assessment of MacOS vs Windows. There's nothing inherently wrong with MacOS, at least, nothing unique. But put simply, it's not a 'better' tool than Windows. I am quite familiar with both operating systems, and I see applications and the OS itself crash fairly frequently in OS X. It gets slow sometimes. It locks up. Windows 7 does occasionally, but overall, it is extremely solid, nice-looking, user-friendly, ubiquitous, and therefore more compatible. To each his own, but, like you, I hate it when people tout their preference as 'better' and mine as 'worse' when I disagree.
I'm with Nate here, G+ for sure, but Mac is at least as unstable as Windows and has many security holes. I'd gladly demonstrate a few for you.

I'm not a Windows fan either, nor Linux though I hold certifications for administration and use in all camps. As the greats have said before when asked which OS they prefer: "We don't talk about religion here."
I have both G+ and FB one is not better than the other use them for different reasons as for which os im windows after to many problems with apple ...i say each to there own
uhm thats a really bad comparison. it duznt even warrant correct english
I use both, FB for friends and G+ for geek friends. :) Google+ will be better than Facebook, when I can actually edit the headlines and summary of the links I post. It is a crime that FB permits this, but G+ does not.
don't get me wrong I llike google+ just like I like android but no one is on it and all the cool stuff is on facebook/apple. so I mean

shrug I'm always keen to switching if I see my audiences/tools switching. that's all.
Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Mac, iOS, Windows, Android... All are different, and appropriate for different users depending on how they use them and what their expectations are.

Is it really necessary to divide every product or service into an "us vs. them" dichotomy? What's in it for you, Thomas? To show fealty to Apple or Google? To be part of a group? To feel better about your own choices? To denigrate the choices of others?

I also feel that Google+ is better for what I use it for. But it's really not hard to see why others disagree, is it? (Or maybe it is for some people.)
+michael yunkin as a former PC user and a current Mac user the comparison resonated with me. I do believe that some products are better than other products in a similar space. All products are not created equal. I think Google+ is a better more refined tool for communication than Facebook is. In the same way I feel that the Mac is a better more refined tool for computing than a PC is. Both of these observations are based on my own experience which is very personal.

There's nothing "in this for me." I read +Guy Kawasaki's book. I thought it was really good. And more than anything else in the book that comparison resonated with me.

I'm certainly not ditching Facebook anytime soon. There's a massive audience over there. I've got accounts on Facebook and Google+ and Twitter and Flickr and most of the major social sites on the web. I actually like the innovation for all the sites that competition in the marketplace produces. Remember back when Facebook had ensy weensy tiny thumbnail photos? Now on the timeline view they have big oversized better looking photos. I see that as a direct response to G+, just like their latest revision of their lightbox view. I love that.
Thomas Hawk: Is it a "How to" book? I've looked for a Google+ "Help" that explains how to use it properly but the people at Google are young enough that they feel everything is intuitive. When I bought my first Apple //e in 1983, everything was intuitive. I never read a manual until last year. I'm old and nothing is initive any more but death.
I don't understand 2 things:

1. How can something that needs so much in depth explanation can be better?
2. How come if it's better people don't stick with it? If by evolution only the best ones will prevail?

Just wondering...
+David R.W. Wadsworth yes, it's very much a how to book. Check it out, I think you'll get something out of it if you want to understand how to use Google+ better.

+Tonya Hollows sometimes what's better isn't what people use. I guess that's the point of the comparison between Mac's and PCs. It's not that PCs are/were unusable, it's just that for some they are better than PCs. In my experience my Mac crashes less, has less errors, has less weird quirky behavior, etc. Macs still have their problems. All computers do. But I've had less problems with my Macs than my PCs. It's also more elegantly designed to help you do what you need to do (in my opinion).

Similarly Google+ is a superior social networking interface to Facebook. But for a lot of reasons people may use the inferior interface -- not the least of which is that all of their friends are there.
Thomas Hawk: Can you send me a link to download it? How much do you want for it?
Macintosh. Better? Yeah, not spending my money on a book by someone who believes that.
What I have loved about all of this is that we as members of these forums have gotten the better deal all around, they say competition is good, G+ and Facebook are like chalk and cheese for me but each has stepped up the game because of each other, its a win win for us as we get better and better service.
better people use Macintosh?? I am offended.

This leaves me with no option other than paying you back with an insult of my own, ie, blocking you.
+Hemant Shah Jesus, way to interpret ambiguous grammar in the most negative possible way. Instead of
"...what Macintosh is to Windows: People that are better, but fewer, use it",
I'm preeetty sure he meant
"...what Macintosh is to Windows: Better, even though fewer people use it".
If you still don't get it, he was describing the PRODUCT as better, not the PEOPLE.
Ah of course macs are better than PCs then now?
I own a new Mac and a PC, both 27 inch, IPS. The PC is better, Win7 is more usefull, Adobe Apps run smoother, more Power for less money. PC wins.
G+ is just a reinvented version of Facebook, I bet if there were a lot of game apps for G+ a lot of people might think differently about it and looking for something less game oriented.
I think google and facebook is the best invention since Edison,
thea s schlosser
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