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Jeff's New Train -- Los Angeles, CA
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Love this photo! The tight focus and depth of field really make the subject stand out.
Oooo Shiny! Very nice.
Canon EOS 5D Mark II it very good.
My son loves trains 2 thanks 4 post
i like it, you catch the object really good. The focus that you use and bokeh, you place it in the right place. I love your composition too. Great job
That is cool
I model trains too
What gauge is it if u know.
there is something wrong in the model the exhaust cant be so big
Sebenarnya bukan cerongnya yang terlalu besar,tapi memang keretanya yang terlalu kecil..
is there any way I can stop these from being posted on my news?
Hey i like the train looks cool!!
btw i'm only 15 so i don't know much about photography
Cowboys may not be far behind.......
Nice capture....bro
nice train but its very old
but accept the proverb as old is gold..................k va
Can somebody please tell me why there are so many plusses for this photo and why this is labeled 'hot' in G+? The photo is nice, indeed, but is it really outstanding and special? Maybe I'm missing out on something?
Nice and my family just took a ride at the Texas State Railroad at Rusk Depot !
i like PhotograPheRs...................
Lovely shot. Pristine and great perspective :)
It is very beautiful!! I want to have that train!!
I like it
thanx for this Picture... Coz My Son Amazed for this picture
Robbie Lee I think it is 3.5 gauge or 1:1 about (110 millimetres long or 11 cm)
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