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+John Battelle says the future of Google = Google+.

I think I agree with much of what John wrote about Google+. Google is all in with this one. 100%. What's most exciting to me though is that we are still just at the very beginning of all of this, we're still in the first inning of the first game to use a baseball analogy. Just think about how far Google+ has come this month alone -- and then think about where this continued spirit of innovation will take us in the months and months ahead.

Google has the smartest minds in the world working on it today and the innovation engine is in full force. The company is unified behind social from the very top down. Just think how much better and better and better G+ is going to be at the end of October and November and December, etc.

It thrills me to hear that from the stage +Larry Page was mentioning Google+ over and over and over again at Zeitgeist. It's this sort of conviction that sends a signal to the community that we are wisely investing our time in growing with Google+ -- in getting onboard early, in investing more than just our time but our energy, our spirt, our emotions and our rich content.

The future is wide open.
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It's certainly had a much faster uptake of users than most of Google's other failed product launches.
I continue to be amazed by how fast this is growing. The future is bright!
Google+ Fanboys always make me laugh...last night, last day of the baseball season, had how many incredible games going on at the same time? And where any of them even mentioned on G+? it's still geek central here.
And yet here you are commenting. Really?
Good point. I've been a bit underwhelmed so far, but it seems like new things are coming along almost by the minute. Best part is, there have been few glitches so far, unlike another bog social site we all know.
Perhaps there are more important things in life than men hitting leather with a stick.
我的圈子里面有很多都不是geek 啊。
Google+ is putting other network's down.

Mark, I'm from Portugal, we don't watch baseball, but we watch soccer and people talked about that. ;-)
Every day I'm seeing new content from people whose work I may have otherwise never known... So glad to be here!
Mark Mayhew i don't think so, just wait for a some moment and you will get all what you want
To be honest, whereas I find G+ far superior to Facebook, I'm still ambivalent about its course.

G+ is trying to be an "identity service" tied to the identity your parents gave you, but the whole point of the Internet is that you don't have to be restricted to that. I think the future lies in allowing users to identify and express themselves online as they wish, through interest networks spanning the globe rather than through social networks that have tended to be more parochial. G+ had dipped its toe into the interest network concept, of which I'm appreciative, but it should go all in and leave primitive "social networking" to Facebook.

Google Plus users should be able to find each other based on how they tag themselves, right from within the interface. We should be able to tag all items we post, and users should be able to say, "I like John Doe's photography, but I hate his political posts; I'll just filter out his posts tagged politics so I just get his pictures."
Do you guys think it will make facebook the "new myspace"? How long will it take if so?
its all ready in the works
"G+ is trying to be an "identity service" tied to the identity your parents gave you," Jason, I don't think +Snoop Dogg's parents gave him that name -- according to wikipedia his parents gave him the name Calvin Cordozar Broadus, Jr.
As far as I know, Google hasn't rescinded its real name policy. As for Snoop -- "Named after his stepfather, Calvin Cordozar Broadus, Sr. (December 10, 1948 – November 9, 1985, Los Angeles), Calvin Broadus was born October 20, 1971 at the Los Altos Hospital in Long Beach, California, the second of three sons of Beverly Broadus (née Tate; born April 27, 1951, McComb, Mississippi)."

In any case, I wonder how long the average user's account would last if he used an obviously fake name like Snoop Dogg.
+Jason Vines Right, so then we agree that one of the most visible accounts on Google+ is not constrained by an "identity service tied to the identity that your parents gave you."

"real names" ≠ "an identity service tied to the identity that your parents gave you." And +Snoop Dogg is legitimately +Snoop Dogg and this 100% complies with Google's "commonly known names" policy.

As an aside, and for what it's worth, I know many people who use G+ that are just average users using a different name than the one that their parents gave them. They might not be able to use the name hackerboy6969 but I guarantee you that there are thousands of "average users" using names that their parents did not give to them here on G+ and not just the popular or celebrity accounts using their more commonly known stage names.
I concede the point.

I do still disagree with the thrust of the "real names policy," though -- you still have to use a "real sounding" name, at least according the policy (exceptions for celebrities like Snoop Dogg aside), But why shouldn't you be able to label yourself "The Key to Gremadia" if you believe that fits you?

Also, your Google Plus account is intrinsically tied into the identity you use with other Google services such as Gmail. If you would happen not to want to use the name associated with your Gmail account if it's your real one, you'd have to set up another Gmail account. That might not be a problem for you and me, but I promise it would be for the many more nontechnical people out there. (I have to deal with those people all the time.)

You should be able to set up your own distinct G+ identity seamlessly, regardless of whatever you might use for Gmail or other Google services.
+Jason Vines I don't think the vast majority of people using Google+ care about having to use a real sounding name. This effects very, very few people. In fact I think the majority actually prefer feeling like they are talking to a real person when they interact here, rather than some secret hiding anonymous troll.

I quit flickr groups because I got tired of users who would create armies of harassing anonymous trolls and then use them to significantly disrupt my experience there. Some of them can be quite vicious. I prefer Google+ as it is now and would prefer not to let a user set up 40 harassing troll accounts hackerboy00 through hackerboy40.

And it's also pretty easy to set up a new gmail account for the average user and be anyone you want as long as you sound legit. And if this is really that important to someone it's easy enough to keep their real name gmail open in one browser/session and their anonymous real sounding name open in another.

But this topic has been debated to death I think. Google's commonly known names policy is simply something people like to go on about which has absolutely zero to do with the fantastic growth that is taking place here and how amazing the future looks given Google's strong commitment to both innovation and integrating Google+ more completely into Google.
Regardless of any one person's take on the "real names" vs. "commonly known names" policy, I still like the idea that +Jason Vines presents regarding tagged posts.
Exciting implications laid out in this article. It feels electric being on Google Plus. It has felt that way since I first joined in July but it's ramped up to an early electrical storm at this point. I will be so curious to see how things will be here in 6 months.

As for the person who asked above (+Brian Lawrie I think?) if Google Plus will make Faceoook the new Myspace? I don't think it will actually. I think what happened with Facebook and Myspace won't necessarily be repeated in such a dramatic fashion again. I see both Google Plus and Facebook pushing each other in terms of innovation (using that term vaguely) and Google Plus (and maybe even Facebook) evolving into more all-encompassing entities. If anything, I think that the days of using a social network to simply read updates from your 2nd cousin about what they ate for lunch are slowly becoming relics of the past. Don't get me wrong, those sorts of updates will occur on any 'network' (or platform) but I see interests and interest-graphs becoming a larger priority for users and networks/platforms.
I'd agree with the second formula in the article... google+ = google. I also want to add that I've seen many people saying facebook is turning into myspace.. and while I think there might be some valid argument to that, I think the bigger and more accurate analogy is that Facebook is turning into AOL. like aol of the past - everyone has fb, it's walled off to the public, and for many, eventually the reason to stop using it will be because it's annoying and there's much broader and (more importantly) unfiltered content on the other side of "the wall." as long as google+ has a public side that media and all can utilize freely, it'll always have an inherent advantage.
Yes! Yes! Yes and yes! :-) Fabulous points about this truly unique global community of G+niuses and the home we're building together every day. :-)
its nxt generation technology......we believe in it!!!!!!!!!!!! google grooves in our life>>>>>>>>>>thanks GOOGLE!
google is very nice place for everything...........
what is a new in G+ from a facebook 2) give your vote to facebook or G+
I just signed up for G+ so far its not bad, i cant wait to see the evolution this social network. 
ya i understand that ! but i think G+ is good
But many people still using facebook ://
Not on a G+ mission (still interacting on Twitter & FB). But I find G+ is becoming my main interface. The potential is huge; but still waiting for integration with Google apps..
No worries, y'all. I'm hearing from friends still over on FB that they're watching 'em drop like flies on a daily basis. And the last one I spoke with yesterday has a grandson (I think he's 11 or 12) that hooked her up over here last week. Now that she knows I'm over here... she'll be snatching the grandson from his house today. lol

Overall rating
Yes Eugene Facebook reign is going to be finally over
I can't wait until all the Google products merge into G+...
+Lauren Martin : Bradley told Wired, "Extending (Google+) across all that we do."
"+Marissa Mayer, what percentage of your products were integrated with Google+?"
"Five or so percent. That's going to change, and fast."

Can't wait. :)
I 'll be very curius to read about all these in three months when I come back from my long holidays. You can do it you know,(i mean go for long holidays), if you are a pensioner.
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