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Hey Everybody! It's The Google+ One Year Anniversary Photowalk!!!!! Can you believe it's almost been one year?

When: Saturday, June 30, 2012

Where: I'll be on one in Denver (who can help me plan this? I'm super excited to be coming to Denver), but anywhere in the world that you can have one on June 30.

Who: You! Photographers of all skill and levels. From beginners to pros. What if you only have a phone camera? YES! you too!

Why: To celebrate the one year anniversary of Google+ by those of us in the G+ photo community. To hang out with other fun Google+ photographers. To SHARE MORE PHOTOS! To meet new and interesting people.

Cost: All Free! The best things in life are free right? We just need people to step up and decide to host one in your city.

Anyone can host one. Groups of people can host them. Anyone can be involved with them. We are a loosely defined community of photographers.

Nobody is specifically leading them and everybody is specifically leading them. Someone just needs to set up a page for your walk on Plancast and everybody can hop on board for a walk. A walk can have 2 people or 2000 people.

We will keep track of all of the walks and help promote them between now and June 30. This is not an officially Google sponsored event, but rather a community created event -- but I'm sure that lots of Googlers will be on the walks and onboard to help celebrate. Maybe we'll even get schwag!

There will be more details to follow, but if you think you can host one in your city, please set up a Plancast page for your walk and then post a link to it in this thread.

I started a page for the Denver one here:
I spoke with +Lotus Carroll who will set one up for Austin. Who will set up the next one?

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ok... so I need to start a page for the Orlando one? o_O
One year already? My where did the time go?
Great Idea! Is anybody going to step up for western MD? I've never attended one but it sounds fun.
I'm available for Toronto or vicinity
Need one for NYC. I will wait a few days to see if anyone steps up, if not I will try to host. I think someone much better qualified will step up though... I'm in either way.
+Ken Fischer you are the perfect person to set one up for Western MD. +Ron Clifford I bet Toronto's will be a huge walk. Lots of great G+ photographers in Toronto. Set it up.
everyone think about where you can plan one and I'll do another update post tomorrow listing all of the walks that we will set up today with links to each of the plancast pages. Let's make this huge!
Ooooh.., Denver might be a possibility here! Will keep an eye out for details!
+Patrick Kelly would love to meet you in Denver. I need someone to help me plan one there. Where would be a good place to do one in Denver?
I was going to offer for Austin but it looks like you have that covered. ;)
+Mark Esguerra YES! Los Angeles needs one for sure! Great suggestions for who to work on it with you.
Sounds great. +Thomas Hawk I'm willing to set one up in the Charlotte, NC area if nobody else is already interested in doing so. I'm pretty new here so will be a great way to meet other photographers/photography enthusiasts and celebrate the wonderful G+ community.
Awesome idea, +Thomas Hawk! Sounds wonderful. Although it won't reach as large of an audience as the major cities, I'll definitely set one up here in Duluth, MN. This could be a great way to get more of the photog community in the area more active here on G+.

Count me in. Any resources you need I can help you with. Heck, even if you need a ride to/from the airport I'd be happy to. Denver is my hometown and it would great to host you. Just let me know what I can do. its the least I can do for providing that great SF photo guide that I used to help me find great places to shoot!

I'll send you my cell!
If anybody is interested in Lagos, Nigeria, Here's a +1 from me.
definitely interested will watch for any in OC/LA areas.
Wow - 1 year already! Happy birthday G+

Thanks for the mention Thomas, I plan on being on the Austin walk for sure.
I live near (about an hour outside of) Denver. What kind of help would you need?
Would love to do one in the DC-Md-Va area... I've only just promoted myself to "enthusiast" so I don't think I'd be comfortable actually hosting the walk. I'd be happy to help out if someone else wants to be the front person though.
yeah that would b kinda cool!!
I'm down the road in Lakewood. If I can help I will. Anyone can feel free to contact me. I hope to bring my x100. Never done one of these before but I'm keen to learn :)
OH WOW - I live in Denver! Thomas - let me know what I could do to help you plan it? Would be an honor to meet you in person and do a photowalk!! : )
Great initiative, now imagine if we had a planner within G+ ;)
I could set one up in Columbus, Ohio
This sounds like so much fun, +Thomas Hawk! Hopefully there will be one close to me. Anyone doing one close to Arkansas?
Hello +Thomas Hawk - How do I go about leading or planning one for Washington DC, and is there a specific time of day for it?
Depending when the one in NYC will happen, i would like to try and help with it, never did one, but i am willing to put in some time into it helping someone
Never been on one before. Hoping somebody steps up for Houston, because I have no idea what I'm doing! I guess if all else fails, I could roadtrip to the Austin one.
Has one been set up for the Chicago area yet?
Aww how cute brother and sister looking at picture's together that's just so sweet.:)
Will there be a Google+ page that eventually lists them all?
+Gene Bowker, it would be if I could find really cheap airfare from Little Rock. :) My other issue is that I already have a trip to Houston planned on July 2nd, and I would be spreading myself pretty thin to make them both.
+Thomas Hawk : I could organize the #G +Anniversary photowalk at #SanDiego .. Let me know if you'd like that. Or we could also combine San Diego and #LA What say +Mark Esguerra ?
I'm amateur, I can take pictures in San Diego- Tijuana, Let me know how I can participate.
A few of us were just talking about a Houston photowalk, +Allie Ogden. June 30th sounds like a good day all of a sudden ;) If nobody beats me to it, I'll set up a plancast page tonight when I'm not on mobile. 
watching to see where in NC I can attend

hey +Ricardo Williams you might want to see what you can get involved with here!!

+Thomas Hawk, I live in the Denver area, and would love to help with whatever I can. I've also been in contact with two Google Field Reps who are in the local area ( +Ryan Caddell and +Krista Nichols ) who have expressed an interest in promoting G+ on a local basis.
+Thomas Hawk , I am a Google Field Marketing Representative and would love to help promote this!! I would also like to take part in it, if at all possible :) +Stan Showalter , thank you so much for bringing this to my attention! I will talk with +Ryan Caddell today, please let me know details when they are available!
I love the concentration captured on the faces of both children.
sounds like a way to promote another google product if you ask me. Can I get paid like you?
Wes Lum
Dang, if I weren't leaving on a plane on the 30th, I would!
I'm in Denver, and I don't want to miss out! I don't know that I'm much help for planning, though.
This is great! Anyone setting up Philly?
+Sairam Sundaresan Oops, got caught up with something at work before I could reply. ha! For now let's aim for separate walks in each city because I'm still not sure what will go on for L.A. ;-P
I'm all over Charlotte +Gene Bowker thanks for looking out for me

+Catherine Vibert might want to consider looking towards Charlotte as well unless she can get enough interest in lovely Asheville

no worries +Ricardo Williams I scrub your back and well

you know

Oh yea +eleisa barbour .... I know... .I scrub your back too......... and I dont care if the entire world knows.... :) Thanks darling!! I see there is one in NC :)
the beginning of the futurephotographer
bch 12
+Thomas Hawk I'll be there for the photowalk in Denver. Can't wait!
I have to work that day so I'm going to lead a walk at 7:30 PM, in Babylon, NY on Long Island. here's my link if anyone is interested. If anyone wants to help me with a daytime walk and they can start it near Hewlett Woodmere Public Library I can make one and join the walk during my half hour lunch break, everyone else could continue while I go back to work.
roma g
I am not a Montreal native but +Natalia Stone and I know it well, and we will be there at that time, so we gonna be walking around somewhere...We can help organize, plan, whatever... +Isabelle Fortin are you gonna be around?
I just moved to the Northwest, are there any in the Olympia/Tacoma area?
I'll see if I can get any interest for one in my city, I doubt it, but I'll try.
I'm keeping an eye out any in coastal Alabama - Gulf Shores, Orange Beach, or Mobile.
Is one being hosted in London or shall we start one?
It would be fantastic if there was a photo walk in London! Does anyone know if anything is in the works?
I would love to go to this, do you know where specifically it will be?
Denver, I might actually be able to go!!!
wow! wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. You guys are the best. I've been stuck in stuff at work but am going to look at these more later on tonight. I'll do a post tomorrow highlighting all of the plancast pages that we have set up so far, so keep setting up those plancast pages and getting those locally around you on G+ involved in a local walk.

The main thing right now is to just get a plancast page up for your city. Even without any of the details. Each of us can fine tune those over the next few weeks.

As far as Denver goes, I've never shot Denver so I'm hoping some of you locals can provide some ideas for an opportune photowalk. Ideally I'd like to do ours at about 2pm in the afternoon. We could shoot for a few hours and then grab some dinner/drinks later. I'm pretty open to whatever ideas you Denver locals think make the most sense. It's always fun if anyone has any sort of unique access to anything (like +Jesse Stay got us on top of the LDS building in Salt Lake City) -- but really even just a downtown walk or river walk or whatever works too. It's also helpful but not required that a walk be somewhat near public transportation.

Keep up the excitement and keep posting your walks to plancast and your links here. We'll do a day 1 round up post tomorrow. Super excited. We'll talk more about this on tonight's +Photo Talk Plus show as well. :)
Pass... I barely have time to breath right now. Just too much photo-shooting going on to take on extra tasks.
are any of you PETAs because i like to trap i found a pet killdeer last week
Hey +Thomas Hawk - you know I wanna take this 1 year anniversary thing to the next level. Last week on PTP I mentioned doing a 24 hour photowalk, or maybe a 24 hour Google Hangout/Photo Walk! Come on now! Between +Lotus Carroll and Obi +Juan Gonzalez and the rest of the Motley Mashup Pixel Warriors I am sure we could just blow this thing outta the water! Right?! Right.

But, no. That's not enough. We need an epic location to go along with the epic event. So here's what I'm thinking. Are you ready?

A 24 hour google hangout/photowalk ON THE MOON!
WHOSE WITH ME? THE MOON, people! The moon!
Who will ever top this event? No one! Who is going to look back and think, "Yeah, I wish I hadn't gone on that Moon Photowalk." No one.
Its the must attend event of the season and all the cool kids are going to be there. Do be uncool. Make plans to attend the Google+ MoonWalk!
I would like to set up a very special sunrise shoot for a lesser known area of San Francisco. It will be finished in time to do other walks the same day, I expect.
i live in D.C and am 23 years old and my name is tiler tinms
tiler tinms??? wat name is tiler tinms????
Sounds good +Thomas Hawk ... I have no idea where I'll be in the world on June 30th... could be Europe, might be SF, maybe back in NZ, who knows?! But I will either attend or host a photowalk wherever I am!
Ok +Thomas Hawk - The Moon Walk Plancast page is up!
I know not everyone can go to the moon on such short notice, but I really think this MoonWalk is going to be out of this world!
The moon is kid friendly and all skill levels are welcome.

To The Moon and BEYOND!!
AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW thats why children love toys so later when they have a camera, they can do distruction to our human manfest
I would like to set one up for San Antonio!!
+Alan Shapiro I would like to help with NY. What are you thinking for location? And did you setup a site for it yet?
Sounds fun! I may just have to make a quick trip out to Denver!
I'll host in Victoria BC, Canada if anyone is interested. Message me if interested.
+Julia Peterson Well, then I'll go to L.A. instead of SD for the photowalk! Will you have any other time to play? Because I'd love to meet up with you if you do.

P.S. +Thomas Hawk I know I told you this when I was in SF, but this is my absolutely favorite photo you've ever taken. Love it so much!!
Hi +Thomas Hawk . It will be great to see you at the Denver photo walk. I'm about to leave for a long shooting trip, but when I get back to Boulder in early June I'd be happy to help plan. Idea: I've always thought an amusement park, like Elitch Gardens in Denver, would be fun for a photo walk.
nice pic.. really amazing...
Joe Doe
What's going to be interesting is what brand camera will he be holding once he's all grown up. Canon and Nikon today is like the Lecia and Rolleiflex of the 80's.
+Roman Kruglov see if you can re-share my post about the photowalk found on my profile page. Thanks so much!
+Michael Giusto Nope i can only share the Main Post, you would have to create a new post all together and i will re-share it.
Time flies - maybe we will get one going locally. Even if my wife and I go for a walk - it still counts as long as we share the camera ;)
+Al Ebnereza if you did one of these in DC or Virginia I would gladly take a bus down to participate. That's if nothing goes on in NY of course :-)
+Syed Rizvi I'm jealous, I'd love to be shooting there especially at night. Some amazing opportunities for sure!
Best of luck on the walk ~ I added you to my page already.
child ren also are the soul eaters when they turn 16 see Sweet 16 on MTV for refrence
+Tara Romasanta I think you're getting yourself into a whole lot of fun! I added you to the page. Good luck!
I may be able to help with Denver +Thomas Hawk ! I'm selling my house in the mountains but I may still have it end of June, just mebbe...Anyway, would be happy to help you discover more of Denver! Downtown will be easier for the masses...but I know some awesome places tucked away in the mountains, too! :)
NYC will definitely have a walk. Stay tuned for details
+Laine Guerrero +Sairam Sundaresan +ricardo cornejo Hey my bad, I lost track of this thread with other things. He he. BTW, before the one year anniversary walk, there'll be one in DTLA on May 19. I'll post a reminder with details later this week. ;-P

+Suzanne Haggerty +Julia Peterson With you two in town it'll definitely be a lot of fun! ;-)

+Martin Bailey +Takahiro Yamamoto Hey you guys know I would be there in a heartbeat if it were possible. But we'll definitely set up another photowalk for my next trip over there. ;-)
+Mark Esguerra : do keep me posted I'm super excited... I missed the last one in la and don't want to miss this one ! :)
Woo Hoo, +Thomas Hawk is coming to Denver! It'll be a Buzz, er, G+ Photowalk!
Fantastic idea, +Thomas Hawk. I've set up a page for Cochin, Kerala (India). There's a huge young and enthusiastic photography community here who I'm sure would love to take part in this. Official Cochin page here: 
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