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Tom Hale, Jr.

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I am very sad right now. My favorite comedian/TV host is signing off tonight.... And, the last guest ever, on the Late Show with David Letterman will be....

The Frackin' Foo Fighters!

There goes my hero!
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Tom Hale, Jr.

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Over the years, call tracking has evolved to a precise science. It’s now possible to track phone calls down to the keyword level. Here are the call tracking options available to PPC advertisers.
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Tom Hale, Jr.

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It’s easy for PPC managers to prepare for what might happen when they launch new campaigns if they have historical data on a PPC account; what’s harder is when you’re not sure what to expect.
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Tom Hale, Jr.

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When entering into a new client/agency relationship, setting expectations and agreeing on what good looks like are the keys to having a healthy relationship.
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Tom Hale, Jr.

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This is interesting - When using AdWords Search & Display Select network targeting - The CTR of the display network is actually better than the search network! For high competition / relatively low CTR sectors Search & Display Select may be the way to go.
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Tom Hale, Jr.

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"...AdWords Quality Score should never be your main goal."
Next time you tell me I'm an idiot and shouldn't be managing AdWords accounts because quality score is NOT my main goal - Remember, this is a former Google employee telling you this. Not just me!
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