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Thomas Grapperon
Independent Developer, Creator of the Chord! app
Independent Developer, Creator of the Chord! app

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I've just released the version 2.1 of Chord! for iOS (iPhone+iPad). On the menu, auto scroll for songs, better PDF export, and enhanced reverse search for chords.

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Chord! for the iPhone and the iPad gets a huge update and is right now featured on the first page of the App Store:!/id606691230

At the menu: universal app (iPhone+iPad), new songbook feature (import/transpose/fingerize/export songs), full iCloud sync, enhanced fingering engine with voicing filtering (Drop2, 3, etc., strings sets),  better harmonization (find scales from chords),...
More info at
Chord! 2.0 for iOS
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Chord! gets a new look on devices running iOS7...!/id606691230
Chord! on iOS7
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Here we are! Chord! for iPhone is available on the App Store. The iPad version is in preparation and will be released as an update of this iPhone version.
Chord! for iPhone
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I've just released a new version of my app. Now in English, French, Hungarian, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. If you want to help translating Chord!, feel free to send a message from the app (don't forget to include your email for a response!).

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#HumbleBundle is still the #DoingItRight Club! And I'm not only talking about the philosophy: the realisation is outstanding and is sweating intelligence! Go for it!

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So Instagram's a popular app, right? The launch of the Android version was I guess kind of a big deal or whatever. At any rate, I got asked to reshare a post about it, to help promote it. I did not do so, because I hate Instagram. More like hipstergram, amirite?

I felt a little bad about this though -- stereotyping users and all. Then I saw the reaction from Instagram users about the launch of the Android version, and I became filled with righteous satisfaction as they fulfilled my every preconception.

So, Instagram the company: I'm sure you've got a great product and I wish you all possible success. But if you're a user and you come near me using Instagram, I will ask you kindly to leave.

You damned dirty hipster. ;)

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Exactly what I did!
-Install new famous android app to play with photos
-Login/Register/Exit only options
-Exit-> Uninstall
Kthx bai
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