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We had a dome theater where I grew up. That place was great... Lots of memories there. It's too bad they're going away.
Did you know that Silicon Valley was once the premiere home to a plethora of dome-shaped theaters? Our story on their current demise: 
Silicon Valley wasn’t always the place where technology was born and bred. It used to be one of the world’s largest orchards, where an estimated one-third of the entire country’s fruit was...
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Are there any other +System76 users having trouble getting the system76 driver installed in Ubuntu Gnome?
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Got this figured out. The driver still doesn't "install", but I manually added 'acpi_backlight=vendor' as a kernel parameter in /etc/default/grub...Then ran 'sudo update-grub' and rebooted. My brightness hotkeys work now. 
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Thomas Fieber

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Note to self: 1) Get job at Yahoo! 2) Become painfully awkward public speaker 3) Get fired and paid $58 Million for my trouble.  Sounds like a great plan...what are your questions?
Henrique de Castro became Yahoo chief operating officer in 2012 and was dumped in January 2014. He will receive $58 million in severance.

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Photo: Sebastien Nogier / Reuters file
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Ubuntu Gnome 14.04 with square icons from the +Numix Project ...I like it! 
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I am actually using Numix Rounded Icons . They also look great
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I was just wondering if GNOME 3.12 was going to be added to the Tumbleweed repos? Very new to openSUSE GNOME. Thanks!
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So far so good after an upgrade to Gnome 3.12 this morning. 
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Thanks! I'll try later if I'm feeling adventurous. The last time I tried staging on an existing install, I ended up having to reinstall everything, but that was a while ago. :) 
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Thomas Fieber

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It seems to be go time!
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Don't forget, use Torrent because the main server will be super busy :D
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Thomas Fieber

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And his response was nearly as out of touch as his initial statement. Well done.
The sergeant major of the Marine Corps issued a letter to all Marines on Friday trying to explain his recent congressional testimony in which he said Marines preferred better equipment over high pay and that lowering pay raises would improve discipline. Sgt. Maj. of the Marine Corps Micheal ...
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After "distro-hopping" for a little while, I have finally settled on Ubuntu Gnome.  I'm currently running 14.04 Beta 2...and so far it is very solid! I've had no issues.  For me, this distro seems to be the best of several well done and kudos to the team!
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+Thomas Fieber
 we shall be waiting and you're more than welcome to join, anytime :)

Our doors are open and we take everyone under our wide wing.

Thank you again :)
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Hooray! Shutter is no longer crashing in Ubuntu 14.04! 
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329 people
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Always take a banana to a party.
I'm a married father of two.  Coffee addict; Whovian; Kubuntu user; Dad to 3 adopted dogs
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I stopped in first thing this morning for coffee. The atmosphere was great, and the house blend was very enjoyable! I'll definitely go back.
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Great atmosphere and great food!
Food: ExcellentDecor: ExcellentService: Excellent
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