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Joining Eyeo
A couple of months ago I left Viaboxx, more than five years after I started there . It was a great ride. It combined the excitement and intensity of working at a startup, with the safety of working with a profitable, self-organizing company of experienced f...

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Just started supporting the most productive open-source developer I know about on Patreon: (Joey created git-annex +more) #git  

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In the category of dealing with A LOT of personal documents within Google Drive, I just realized that if you copy one document to another folder in your hierarchy, it will still only appear once in your search results!

Even looking at the file details, it declares its two locations correctly - this is very sweet, and I think I can use this for tagging/labelling. 

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As Drive started syncing my Google Photos to the SSD drive, I quickly started running out of space. This new features solves the problem!
Drive for Mac/PC — the app that syncs Google Drive with your computer — now lets you customize which folders and subfolders you sync with your Mac/PC. You’ll also get a handy alert before moving or deleting shared files and folders.

See more on the blog:
Download Drive:
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As the handling of all my documents with +Google Drive is going from the hundreds into the thousands in number, things are getting hard to handle.

No tagging or labels leads to duplicating files into folders for sharing/organizing.

I can only search and sort by modification date, which is a pain when I'm doing my 2014 taxes.

The Location field in Details shows only containing folder instead of full path, which is a right hassle when files are organized in larger hierarchies (like I do in year/month).

Update: I just noticed the full path of a selected file can be seen at the bottom of the screen, so the above is not really a problem!

List view only shows Name, Owner and Modified columns, the last 2 being mostly irrelevant to my use.

I really love the Drive experience and the way it integrates in all my platforms, but as a digital archive it is still pretty basic. The features don't scale well to handle my paper-free life :(

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What sorcery be this? Opened on android/chrome, Add to home screen. Now it's like an app..

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Encrypting and Decrypting with Spring
I was recently working with protecting some sensitive data in a typical Java application with a database underneath. We convert the data on its way out of the application using Spring Security Crypto Utilities . It "was decided" that we'd be doing AES with ...
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