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Going Zen in Copenhagen

My Copenhagen friend +Helle Thrysoee Justesen has been into yoga the last 10+ years.
After moving to Copenhagen recently she decided to seek out the Copenhagen meditation scene to find the venue matching her visions. It has turned into a journey of trying and reviewing the local meditation scene. So if you are considering finding a meditation center in Copenhagen, her blog can guide you in the right direction. Is your focus the spiritual part or more like worshipping the local guru? Check out her blog and reviews so far.
If your interested in the world of Zen and meditation. I just started writing a blog about going Zen and I would love it if you would join me on my Zen Journey. The blog is called going Zen in Copenhagen and the first entries are about the local scene and later I'll go into a more personal scope on my journey and give my opinion on what is written and the effects this journey into the inner regions of my soul have on my life and my experiences. You do not have to be in Copenhagen to follow my journey as going Zen can be done anywhere. You will find my blog on

Please join me if you share my interest. 
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Cool. I've been trying to wrap by head around the Zen scenes outside the US. 
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Thomas Egense

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Funny nerdy game! Hack your way through impossible levels by editing the javascript source and make levels possible.

My 'clever' idea of just moving the exit was prevented at L3. Guess I have to find new clever idea.
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Thomas Egense

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Bat shit crazy religious lunatic creates new 64-Bit OS from scratch!
Yes that is right! This include kernel, compiler, bootloader, file manager, graphic/sound drivers,  graphics engine and a whole lot of other stuff. It even comes with several programs(editors etc.)  plus many games and demos. The video is also recorded by the OS itself, but can only capture 8FPS instead of the full 30FPS the OS runs. The OS source code is 130.000 lines, he says.
The OS is called "TempleOS". But why did start on such a Herculean task?
He did it to "Talk to god" and "Make offerings to god" etc. Even the resolution of the screen-driver was dictated by god:
"It's 640 by 480, that's what God said VGA".

Many of the programs he demos are also hilariously religious in a very childish way. But I must truely congratulate and admire him for what he has done, no matter what his strong motivation for completing this project was.
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I don't know whether to laugh or cry.  This is undoubtedly the single most sophisticated single-person application of hacking genius devoted to a realm normally considered antithetical to hacking that I have ever witnessed.

It is similar to rebuilding the entire Library of Congress, except singularly devoted to astrology.
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My "seahorse" brought alive by 1600 pictures made into a stop-motion video. It took 40 hours to render the 1600 pictures.

See the original seahorse picture:
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Jeg er igang med at lave en som varer 5-10 minutter og morpher mellem 5 af mine billeder.
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Thomas Egense

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What do you give a mathematician for his birthday? A pretty formula of course :)

That is precisely what +Zoë Prytherch  gave to her husband +Vincent Knight . It was a my first international order and am I very relieved the heavy glass package survived the shipping.

Enjoy a  surprised Vincent in the footage below.
Here is a link to his G+ post:
I think +Vincent Knight really loves his birthday present!!

Thanks +Thomas Egense for your AMAZING work and all the help you gave me :)

#mathart #birthday #fractalimages #twt
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Thomas Egense

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Looking for more interesting content in your G+ stream?
Mathematician +Richard Green has compiled this circle of active posters with interesting content who also are active engagers as well.The majority of the content is science related but  many other topics are covered as well, if you want to expand your knowledge sphere.
Engagers Showcase Circle, April 17, 2014

If you received a notification, it means that you are included in my Engagers Showcase Circle. “Showcase” means that you are invited to leave a comment (on the original post) with a link to one of your own posts, which ideally should be one of your best recent posts.

This circle consists of people who have engaged with one of my recent posts in the form of +1s, comments and reshares. Two of the posts below attracted too much engagement to be usable for the circle, but I am including links to them for completeness.

Everyone mentioned below is also included in the circle.

Adding cubes

Flower and snail shell (reshared from +Ralph Reichert)

April Fools' Day

“Trinity” by Jen Stark

Hyperbolic honeycombs (reshared from +Roice Nelson)

Coxeter—Conway friezes

Triple helix staircase (reshared from +Romain Brasselet)

Which airport is closest to you?

“Spinning Cosmos” by Paul Friedlander

Strč prst skrz krk

Mersenne primes and perfect numbers

“Urge to fly” by Hermin Abramovitch

Keeper of Time (reshared from +Michael Quinn)

Seven mutually touching cylinders (reshared from +David Richeson)

A present from a student

Campus photo (reshared from +University of Colorado Boulder)

As always, reshares of this circle are appreciated, and I look forward to seeing everyone's links. Thanks for reading my posts!
In this Circle:
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Thanks for the recommendation, and for resharing, +Thomas Egense!
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Thomas Egense

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Super Planet Crash
Build your own solar system and watch how it evolve (and collapse). This gamification of a physical system is quite fun and informative.

Edit, link:
Super Planet Crash.

A fun web-based solar system simulator to pass a few moments; my latest attempt is below, on track for a total score of 26 million - I've no idea how the high score is 8 times this. But there is no way such a system could be stable, could it? In fact this one broke shortly after capturing this screenshot at 26 years, ejecting one of the inner Super Earths at high speed out of the system.
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It would be fun until it crashed; then it would be fun no longer.

One problem with this simulation is that it is not possible to set planetary bodies in orbit around the central star at distances of 2 AU or greater therefrom; in practice, most stable star systems comprise a plurality of planetary bodies at distances greater than or equal to 2 AU from a central star.
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Thomas Egense

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Newest mathematical animation from +Jos Leys. The animation shows the beautiful behavior  of a strange attractor for two different initial conditions.

Jos Leys is quite famous for his mathematical art and animations of mathematical topics.
For some of his previous work see:
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Sent from my iPhone
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Thomas Egense

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Math prodigy child

It was two years ago when I first heard about Jacob Barnett. At that time he was only 12 years old and having fun playing with quite advanced mathematics for his age. And today  I finally see a follow up on his story and I am happy to see his has kept up his progress with mathematics and still really seem to enjoy it!
Futhermore he seems to have potential to becoming a good
science communicator. Could he be the new
Neil deGrasse Tyson or  Richard Feynman ?

Here  is a link to the video I saw when he was only 12 years so you can track his progress:
Once every hundred or two hundred years or so heavens sends us a gift, such a gift was Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein, possibly to propel civilization forward faster.

Meet Jacob Barnett, in this particular video Jacob demonstrates solving quantum mechanics degeneracy problem using permutation groups in the polynomial it is creating, from this is a short stop to more abstract notion of abstract generalization of such groups that of Motives.

Jacob was 15 at the time of making this video, and Indiana University don't know whom they have, he soon will need to be transferred (by a chauffeured limousine) to Princeton University.
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Another perfect rant about the current state of the app-store gaming scene today.

"We don't have a mobile gaming industry anymore. We have a mobile scamming industry."

Do watch the  Dungeon Keeper review video embedded on the page.

+Søren Sprogø

#gaming #scam #appstore  
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