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Celebrate 'Constitution Day' this Monday September 17, 2018 with Attorney Bob Thomas in Fall River, Massachusetts at Bristol Community College.

Bob Thomas' presentation will touch on the United States Constitution and could be a Know-Your-Rights training event. Click or tap below to learn more.
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What is Whistleblower Retaliation Defense?
Most federal and state #WhistleblowerPrograms provide protection for individuals with the courage to speak out against fraud and corruption, whether or not the whistleblower files a case.

+Whistleblower Law Collaborative has successfully defended numerous clients ( a/k/a #Whistleblowers or #Relators ) who were retaliated against by their employer for speaking out and recovered multiples of their lost pay and other damages as compensation.

Follow the link below for a comprehensive collection of news, articles, court decisions and trends and insights carefully selected, posted or written by top nationally awarded Whistleblower Lawyers in the United States of America.
+Thomas and Associates +Durrell Law Office
#WhistleblowerRetaliation #WhistleblowerLawFirm #FalseClaimsAct #QuiTam #Boston #WashingtonDC
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The Whistleblower Law Collaborative joins with +Team ThomasDurrell
+Durrell Law Office +Thomas and Associates and with several law professionals , lawmakers, Congressmen and Congresswomen and Relators across the United States of America on Monday July 30th 2018 to celebrate the National Whistleblower Appreciation Day!

Happy National Whistleblower Appreciation Day!

At the Whistleblower Law Collaborative, every day is Whistleblower Appreciation Day!

We thank all #relators and all prospective #whistleblowers for their vigilance and perseverance, for the risks they take, and for the privilege of representing them.

They inspire us!

Together let’s keep up the good fight!

Visit the Whistleblower Law Collaborative website to learn more about the US #FalseClaimsAct laws and other quitam laws in the Unites States. If you have a related case you may request a case review from our firm website. #FalseClaimActs #ProspectiveWhistleblowers #NationalWhistleBlowerDay #NWAD2018 #AppreciationDay
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Attorney Suzanne E. Durrell - of the Whistleblower Law Collaborative - is honored to join the Massachusetts Chapter of the Federal Bar Association and a distinguished panel to discuss trends and developments on the U.S. Supreme Court’s Escobar Ruling on False Claims Act Cases since the June 2016 decision.

The event is presented by the Federal Bar Association’s Health Law Section.

You are invited to join us!
When: Wednesday, June 13, 2018
Time:/Duration: 4:00 P.M. – 5:15 P.M. – Panel Discussion
More: 5:15 P.M. – 6:00 P.M. – Cocktail Reception
Where: John Joseph Moakley United States Courthouse | JURY ASSEMBLY ROOM in Boston, MA | 1 Courthouse Way | Massachusetts

The U.S. Supreme Court’s Escobar Ruling on False Claims Act Cases - Trends and Developments since the SCOTUS’ June 2016 Decision with
Honorable Dennis F. Saylor, IV
Suzanne E. Durrell, Esq.
Gregg Shapiro, Assistant United States Attorney
Lawrence M. Kraus, Esq.

In Escobar on False Claims Act laws, the U.S. Supreme Court held that “implied certification” is a valid theory of liability. However, that only false claims “material” to the agency’s payment determination would count for liability under the False Claims Act. In other words, if the transgression, had it been known, would have had a reasonable chance of changing the agency’s decision to pay the claim, then it’s material. Learn more about the 2016 Escobar Decision at

Attorney Suzanne Durrell represents whistleblower clients – also known as relators - nationwide in federal and state False Claims Act cases and under the whistleblower programs of the SEC, CFTC, and other federal and state laws from the Whistleblower Law Collaborative law offices in Boston, Massachusetts. Learn more about attorney Durrell and check out other upcoming events at the Whistleblower Law Collaborative website at

#Whistleblowers #Relators #FalseClaimsAct
#FCAcases #FCAevents #FCAtrends #FCAdevelopments #HealthcareLaw #EscobarRuling #EscobarDecision
#ThomasDurrell #ImpliedCertification
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For over fifteen years, the +Whistleblower Law Collaborative have been privileged to help #whistleblowers relators to bring information about wrongdoing and #FCAfrauds to the US government, to work with the government to uncover the truth, and to obtain favorable results (see link to the #QuiTam post below) that recover money stolen from US taxpayers.

The Collaborative of +Thomas and Associates +Durrell Law Office and Powderhouse #LawFirm is well already this year. And, the lawyers who are also top #FalseClaimsAct attorneys nationwide in the United States of America are excited about another successful year for the #FCA and whistleblowers!

The Taxpayers Against Fraud Education Fund named the founding members Attorneys Suzanne E. Durrell and Robert M. Thomas, Jr. "the 2017 Lawyers of the Year" at the 17th Annual TAFEF Conference in Washington, D.C. Attorney Suzanne Durrell and Attorney Bob Thomas were recognized as "an incomparable team" who "have had a hand in some of the largest False Claims Act cases ever settled or won in court."

Last fiscal year of 2017, close to four billion dollars was obtained by the U.S. Department of Justice in #FalseClaimsActCases. More than two billion of this amount was in cases involving #HealthCareFrauds.

More than three billion of the recoveries ($3.4 billion) were from #QuiTamCases brought by whistle-blowers (also known as #relators) under the False Claims Act laws of the US. A total of $392 million awarded to those courageous relators.

For the eighth straight year, money recoveries in #FCA #HealthCareFraudCases exceeded two billion US dollars.

The total US dollars recoveries under the FalseClaimsAct laws of the USA since 1986, when Congress substantially strengthened the law, now total more than $56 billion.

Check out the 'Banner Year for the US Department of Justice and Whistleblowers in False Claims Act Cases' and read more at the +Whistleblower Law Collaborative website at
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Do defendants really want the government to stop paying all their claims just because there are allegations by a relator (not the government) of fraud? We don’t think so; if this happened, it would go in the category of “be careful what you wish for” and have the potential to wreak havoc with government contractors and programs.
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Signs that the lower courts have picked up on Escobar’s theme of indignation is good news for righteous whistleblowers, since they can convince courts to rule in their favor by an appeal to the overarching policy damaged by the fraud, as much as by digging into the regulations.
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"Bringing a case to the finish line in two years, from filing to settlement, is not easy and doesn't happen without aggressive and competent lawyering.
Too often False Claims Act cases take longer than they should. We greatly appreciate how well our client's case was handled by the U.S. Attorney's Office."
The +Whistleblower Law Collaborative pleased to announce that the United States has settled a federal #FalseClaimsAct   case brought against MedNet Healthcare Technologies, Inc. ("MedNet") a subsidiary of BioTelemetry, Inc., by a #whistleblower client - #relator   - of Ms. Suzanne E. Durrell and Mr. Robert M. Thomas, Jr.

"We commend our client for coming forward. Whistleblowers are vitally important to the fight against health care fraud. Kickbacks are insidious and undermine the integrity of the Medicare Program by tainting a provider's medical judgment. Services provided to a patient should be based on his or her provider's independent medical judgment, not on which service or product will be more profitable to the doctor or hospital. Kickbacks have no place in Medicare."

#AntiKickback   #HealcareFrauds #QuiTam   #Medicare  
Link to the U.S. Attorney for the District of #NewJersey press release is below. You can learn more at
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As a case study on corporate officers being excluded from the Medicare and Medicaid programs after pleading guilty under the “responsible corporate officer doctrine,” students were asked to read the 2010 Friedman case from the district court in D.C., in which Judge Huvelle upheld lengthy periods of exclusions for three high ranking officers of Purdue Pharmaceuticals, Inc. The Purdue settlement in 2007 was a blockbuster at the time: $634 million in civil damages and criminal fines, criminal pleas by a subsidiary and three corporate officers, tens of millions in personal fines against the officers, and a corporate integrity agreement imposed against the company. Why? Because the company irresponsibly (and criminally) marketed its highly addictive painkiller OxyContin as safe and non-addictive, and as a reliable substitute for other non-addictive painkillers.
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Happy Birthday to the False Claims Act! Since 1986, according to a Department of Justice tally, the retooled FCA has allowed the federal government to claw back $50 billion wrongfully billed to taxpayers, an astonishing haul that actually understates the law’s effect, because it omits both criminal penalties and the FCA’s deterrent effect.
Freeing the False Claims Act
Freeing the False Claims Act
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