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Thomas Dimiduk
I have ideas, some of them might even be good
I have ideas, some of them might even be good

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Interesting Dystopia/Utopia Short novella:

What do people think about the Australia project therin? Anyone wanna help build something like it?

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My Think Penguin router arrived today:

tldr; Looks like a great router, better range than my old one, bunch of neat config options, and now I can ssh into my router :). If anyone is in the market for a new router or would like one that is more secure and Free, you might want to pick one up.

I had been having trouble with wireless connection in my new room, so when I got an email about a Respects your freedom router that looked like it had good antenna, I decided to grab one. It is only ~$64 shipped, which is a small price to pay for freedom in my book.

I had been interested in moving to a proper open router after listening to a talk by Jim Gettys explaining how crucial it is to be able to do security upgrades to a router (the takeaway there is that if you are running a router with stock firmware, you are probably vulnerable to having your router pwned).

The basics of this router was just as easy to set up as any generic router you might buy, and it was only slightly harder to figure out things like getting ssh access to the router and doing scans for what channels all the other people around me are on (turns out my neighborhood has lots of people on channel 1, 6, and 11), I don't know why other routers don't have a way to check channels of potentially interfering other networks.

Still more things I can do to do more with the router, but first day it is already a nice step up from my old router.

In a moment of weakness I gave #expedia my cell number while booking. Now I am getting robo calls. Not Cool. Will be staying away from expedia for a while.

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My foray into math/algorithms:

My paper on how to speed up fitting (solving an inverse problem) holograms. I showed that you can get a factor of ten speedup (or better) by only looking at a random subset of the pixels in a hologram.

I would like to think the paper (or at least the intro) is reasonably easy to read, so check it out

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This could be really important. Civil forfeiture being use in some rather horrifying abuses of power by many police departments, and the do it particularly to the most vulnerable.

I particularly like the part where the proposed bill would have money go into the general treasury fund, rather than specifically to the police budgets.

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Awesome news about a big donation to help with fundamental research into mental illness:

This is still a very hard problem, and we can't really expect results soon, but at least they are going to dig in and try to establish some firm scientific underpinnings.

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Apparently (assuming I could get them to hold still and find an ergonomic grip), I could:
Overhead press a Cheetah
Bench press a Komodo Dragon
Squat a Baby Elephant
Deadlift a Male Giant Panda

I particularly like the dragon Bench Press ;)

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Lessig is taking a swing at fixing money in politics. I don't know if fighting fire with fire will work here, but I respect Lessig a whole lot more than just about anyone in politics, so I say lets give this a shot. I have pledged, please consider pledging and/or sharing the word.

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Nice long article explaining a bit about what happens in high frequency trading. Even better, it offers some hope in the form of the story of a new exchange called IEX which apparently manages to fix the crazy unfair advantage high frequency traders get on normal markets.

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