Based on latest Google+ application for Ice Cream Sandwich, are Games, Picasa, Real Time chat and Mail coming to mobile app?

Last week, the guys at got their hands on a leaked build of Google+ Android app for the next yet-to-be-announced Android iteration: Ice Cream Sandwich.

Just because I am a curious person, I unpacked the APK with a nice tool called apktool ( It basically unobfuscates and reverse-engineers some files in any application package.

I found few interesting images, among all the other resources that I haven't seen being used in the app (from the inside, it's a pretty big app!). Check the screenshot below.
Does that suggest new features to come?

Some highlights:

- Two icons for "Game notifications" I am not a bit user or Games in Google+, so not sure those are already used.

- Two icons for "Mail notifications" Does anyone have email notifications? I have already heard Gmail would integrate with Google+ in the future (like all Google products actually), is this a sign?

- Real time chat It might just be another way to call Huddles, Messages, Chords... which keep being renamed. Or it means something else is coming? GTalk merge? The icon is the Huddle icon, I would not bet too much on it.

- Picasa Picasa is already integrated in Google+, but I've never seen the Picasa icon in Google+.

Again, I haven't used the app this much, or used all Google+ features, let me know if you've seen those images at some point in the app!

Apparently, current version of Google+ for Android already has some of those. It even has a full "picasa_main.png" icon and a "video_activity_icon.png". ?!
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