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Hey gang, I've got a special announcement that I'd love to let you in on: I just joined Patreon! It's a simple way for people to contribute to my writings on graphic design and layout in games every time I release something.

There are some silly rewards for people who jump on board, like one where I'll actually high-five you if we meet in person, which is a thing I rarely do. I wanted to share this news with you before I started screaming it from the rooftops, starling nearby forest animals. Take a peek at, which has an open post with links to some of the types of writings I am really excited about doing!

I'm heading to Gen Con this year and am wondering what cool stuff I should pick up.

On the list so far as a strong possibility

Dracula Dossier (with Nights Black Agents and Dracula Unredacted)
Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game (they're in the same booth space!)
Tiny Epic Galaxies (plus the expansion?)


If I can find a copy of Mayfair Games' Lascaux, I'll probably grab it.
Robinson Crusoe, revised edition from Portal Games, maybe?

on the radar

Star Trek Adventures. (probably not)


What other goodness have you heard will be there?

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Just saw a post by someone moving this month, just when some Kickstarter campaigns are due to ship. That reminded me of this post from about this time last month -- -- where I noticed that I've got a bunch of things hitting in August.

Let's see how full my mailbox will be while I'm at Gen Con.

Eclipse Phase, 2nd Edition's PDF should be in August and, well, the campaign hasn't updated since July, so I think they're still on track for August, when Posthuman Studios was shooting for having a BackerKit project ready. Calling this one still on time.

Gloomhaven's second printing "will be widely available in retail this August/September". Two days ago, an update went out where they will start shipping on August 15, but that means that actual shipping of product out will happen over a course of up to six weeks. "This isn't great," the creator writes. They're trying to stagger the shipments so the longest shipping stuff will go out first, and the shortest will go out last, hopefully getting everyone their copies at the beginning of October.

Stop Thief!, the second version of this game (I'm noticing a theme with things I back), is due in August. The US-bound shipment is clearing customs, then it goes to Atlanta, and then it goes out to backers. I'm guessing this might hit my mailbox a week before Gen Con or during the convention.

Monsters, a book I worked on, was due in August and it's sitting right here in July! It's for a third edition of a thing, not a second, so that's why it arrived early.

Stuff that's not going be showing up for some time

Sentinels of the Multiverse: OblivAeon continues to be late. They've been having issues with the collector's case, which caused delays. They're planning on shipping all the files off at once for printing and shipping logistics, and while at one point we expected this near the end of summer, I'm not going to expect this to show up until January, a year late. Still, I'm not upset by this. Irked, maybe, 'cause I didn't want a case and that's what's holding up production. But still, it's okay in my book.

Let's see…BattleTech continues to be late, but it's a computer game and I expected that. They've stopped giving out dates and are now just talking about progress on the game. Like Sentinels, I'm expecting this to be done 'round wintertime.

The eternals -- Project Dark, Guide to the Village by the Sea, and Far West -- continue their slow progress to completion. I still don't have any doubt that they'll finish, but I'm not going to even predict that will happen (although I think they'll land in the order I listed them). Two of these I'm sure are delayed because the creator wants them to be perfect, which means minute tweaking of details that really doesn't matter.

...and stuff that's projected out even further

The Electric State, an art book, has the campaign still running, expected to deliver in December. Damn the Man, Save the Music! is expected in January. Beasts of Balance's new expansion's campaign is still running (I might cancel my pledge for this one) and is due in March. And April is when Cortex Prime is due. (I've seen Cam's organization at running projects and don't think this will move much from that target time.)

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In case you didn't see yesterday's news, I'm now on Patreon! The project is now live at where you can join in my journey to become a better writer while learning about layout and graphic design in roleplaying and boardgames.

This is an exciting time for me: I'm hoping to write several articles each month, develop my writing ability, and eventually create some game things. Also up there is a public post where I have links to some of the types of writings I plan to deliver!

Just got back from watching Spider-Man: Homecoming. It was better than I thought it would have been. Time for a re-ranking of the MCU:

Spider-Man: Homecoming
Captain America: The Winter Soldier
Wonder Woman
Iron Man 3
Guardians of the Galaxy
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
(The trailer for Black Panther)
Doctor Strange
Captain America: Civil War
(The trailer for Thor: Ragnarok)
Thor: The Dark World
The Avengers: Age of Ultron
Iron Man 2
Iron Man
The Avengers
Captain America: The First Avenger
The Incredible Hulk


Changes from the last time I did this list:
* Moved Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 above Thor
* added the trailer for Black Panther
* dethroned Captain America: The Winter Soldier
* added Wonder Woman because it was too good to be associated with the rest of the DC Movie Universe or whatever they're calling that mess over there.

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#InDesign question regarding footnote numbering: Is there a way to not have numbering reset between unlinked text frames?

Document has several series of threaded text frames, numbering is restarting for each. I'd like it to just continue.


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Be sure to vote for the Ennies this year!

I'm nominated for the first time, for Best Cartography for my work on the Map of Theah for +John Wick Presents 7th Sea 2nd Edition RPG.

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$15 for dang near everything in the Doctor Who RPG line.

My secret: I got it mainly for The Fifth Doctor Sourcebook. The Fifth Doctor was my Doctor, which is unusual for people of my age. PBS stations throughout America during the time I was enamored with Doctor Who constantly aired the Tom Baker series on repeat, so you'll find most Americans in my age range favoring the Fourth Doctor.

Our local PBS network looped through that Doctor's run and the first season of the Fifth Doctor... possibly the second, but just once. I recall seeing Earthshock and Adric's demise multiple times, but hardly recall Turlough or Kamelion. Tom Baker's run, over and over. Pyramids of Mars I've seen at least four times.

Anyway, this version of the Doctor Who RPG is from Capaldi's run, so the core rulebook has been updated with the current Doctor's images, images from his run supplementing the book, and the trade dress from the current run. While I'm certain there are people who enjoy Tennant's run, the trade dress for the show back then (and subsequent licensed properties like the RPG) was spectacularly hideous. Luckily, the current run has better design sensibilities which imparts a better readability. That's the version you get with this batch.

You know what? If you're just a passing fan of Doctor Who, just spend the $15 and enjoy your Doctor's sourcebook.
Holy cow - this is very nearly the best Bundle in the history of Humble Bundles. $15 for nearly all of the Doctor Who line (yes, it includes all of the 'Doctor' sourcebooks...)

(h/t +Wayne Humfleet)

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7th Sea's Mark Richardson, our staff cartographer, was nominated for Best Cartography this year. Discussing the nominations, we realized this is the only award with nominations for 7th Sea products that was as close to 100% a single person's award. Mark may have had guidance and feedback from others on the John Wick Presents team, but it's as close to 100% his sole work as anything else JWP put out there.

This stood out to me because we're pretty much working as a team on the products...

[read more at the site!]

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If you haven't voted in the ENnies yet, I would really appreciate it if you took a moment to go and cast a vote for Unknown Armies for Best Production Values. 
Voting closes 21 July for the 2017 ENnies - jump in now and join us in honouring the year's best!

We love sponsoring this award, with our medallions designed by Daniel Solis. Seeing happy game designers wearing them gives us a warm inner glow. Throw 'em a vote!
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