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So - Firefox has finally stopped supporting Java, as Google did in Chrome a while back.

I'm finding myself still having a few web-interfaces, that needs Java support in a browser to function - what options do I have (besides trashing the old boxes)?

I'm running Ubuntu Linux and Firefox was my alternative browser for ie. remote controlling HP servers using ILO - now with no Java support I can't do that in Linux.

Is it possible to have a parallel installed older version of Firefox or is there some other browser still supporting Java?

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Godt råd søges - hvor finder man pt. de bedste tilbud på en Chromebook? Jeg er ikke imponeret over udvalget hos hverken Elgiganten eller Power for tiden...

Havde en Toshiba CB30-102 som døde (var ellers glad for den, hurtig), købte en Toshiba Chromebook 2 (CB30-104), som på trods af nyere CPU med flere GHz og 4 GB RAM i stedet for 2 er en langsom snegl, alt hakker og går i stå hele tiden.

Vil helst have noget med i3 CPU og gerne under 3000, hvis det er muligt. Ikke for lille eller stor skærm, omkring 13-14".

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Has anyone played around with Intel Unite? I'm thinking about using it in our meeting rooms (since we've already deployed NUC's there).

In particular, I'd like to know if it's possible to have both the hub and client on the same PC?

We often have a meetings between two locations - until now we've only used Skype for video conferencing, but it would be nice for all participants at both locations to be able to present content from their PC at both locations - is this possible? Or does it only work for a meeting in one location?

If not, one solution could be to use Skype to share the screen of one of the hubs to the other and every participant would present on only one of the hubs - I don't know if the quality would be good enough...

Is anyone aware of a software tool, that can visually browse a synchronized file-structure on source and destination, side by side and show the permissions on each side is matched or differ?

I have an old fileserver on an NT domain and a new fileserver on an AD domain - I want to visually browse down the filestructure and make sure that the users and groups (mapped and matched between NT and AD domain) apply and where they differ.

I know I can use SetACL and a mapping file to apply permissions, but I don't trust it 100% and I'm a visual person.

I could also make do with a reporting tool, that could show where permissions are different, but it has to be aware that the source side is an NT domain and destination side is an AD domain and understand the mapping of users and groups.

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Man får helt lyst til at købe en 3D printer 😁

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Hehe! 😁
Hm, the Second Coming wasn’t exactly what I thought it would be like..
Endurvinnsla af G+


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Det kunne vi lære noget af i Danmark!

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Ladder prank - funny stuff! 😁
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