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Glad we don't have those in Denmark!😲
sudo yum -y remove python


sudo apt-get -y remove python


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Does anyone know where to get hold of a version of PsKill (or PsTools), that works on Windows NT and 2000 (don't ask!).

Apparently you can't download older versions on Technet and MS still describes the purpose of PsKill as handy on Windows 2000 and NT, which doesn't have taskkill.exe.

Morons have made version 1.14, so it only works with Vista / Server 2008 and higher...

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"Vi fornemmer, at der er en meget stor efterspørgsel efter at få en nem, digital løsning"

Ja, undskyld - men det skulle det have været fra starten, det er flere år bagud, i forhold til at reagere på den efterspørgsel...

Looking for an app (or watchface) that shows the charge status of my phone - any recommendations?

I want to connect my phone to the charger and monitor the charger level on the watch - does this exist?

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I'm sick of malicous emails bypassing our security, we have Office 365 and Exchange Online with built in protection, we have Advanced Threat Protection on top scanning attachments and download links - still this junk keeps coming through, and I don't know how to stop it.

Microsoft tells me that because it's not a direct link to a file download it won't be scanned. It appears the link is to a webserver, with instructions to start download a file - thus not a direct link to the file - so it won't be scanned!

The file is a javascript, which I'm sure will be blocked from running by our antivirus, but the fact that a hapless user can just click it and download this file, despite our established security is giving me serious ticks...

I just blocked these emails, by temporarily blacklisting emails with "O2 bill" in the text, but now the idiots have switch to "Vodafone bill" instead. It's a race I can't win, apparently...

Anyone who knows how SMS storage is handled on an Android phone with two profiles user profiles?

If I receive a SMS when logged into one profile, then log into the other profile and receive another SMS - will they be stored in separate message stores or are they shared between the user profiles?

I'm just testing the waters with a dual-SIM phone (Huawei P10) - I have my private and work SIM in it, apparently you can't split up the SMS storage, all messages goes into one bucket - though it shows which SIM it came to, there's no filter or split storage,

I'm thinking about having a private and a work Google Profile (user switching) - hopefully I can set one SIM active in one profile and the other SIM active in the other profile.

It's actually very confusing...

Having problems with Windows 10 and OpenVPN - what am I missing?

A user had an old HP Mobile Workstation with Windows 7, now I'm setting up a new ZBook 17 G3 running Windows 10.

He needs OpenVPN to connect to his home network (various other PC's and two NAS boxes) when roaming around.

I'm using the same OVPN config file (copied from the old PC), even tried both OpenVPN 2.4.1 (the latest), and also 2.3.14 (and 2.3.12, which was used on the old PC).

None of them wants to connect - I've got not clue where to go frem here, all the forums I've read have posts from back in 2015, which hardly apply now...

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So - Firefox has finally stopped supporting Java, as Google did in Chrome a while back.

I'm finding myself still having a few web-interfaces, that needs Java support in a browser to function - what options do I have (besides trashing the old boxes)?

I'm running Ubuntu Linux and Firefox was my alternative browser for ie. remote controlling HP servers using ILO - now with no Java support I can't do that in Linux.

Is it possible to have a parallel installed older version of Firefox or is there some other browser still supporting Java?

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