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  This is a message which I sent a while ago, to someone who I'd hoped could get a message to +Punit Soni.  I'm unsure if +Punit Soni ever actually read it, or if anyone at +Motorola Mobility even cares.  Every single line of this message is still valid.  I will never understand the idiotic lack of responses to people who waved flags in your name a short time ago.

  People really wanted to read about ewhat we went thru, and why we are so let down, and disappointed.  Below is why.  The recipient was an individual at google, who agreed to forward it along, I've removed some of the message, as he's an innocent google employee, who is ironically enough, involved in Android..


  Hello XXX,

  I'm reaching out, as I'm really disappointed, and was hoping you
could forward a message to someone who might read it.  I would send it
directly to Punit Soni, who recently took over as product manager from
google over to Motorola Mobility, but as I cannot find a direct link
to his email address, I was hoping that you might, in some small way,
be able to forward this to someone.  I'm really not expected a
response, honestly.  I guess it would just feel a little better to
know it reached someone.  Please read the whole message, it isn't a
rant.  It's just a telling of my experience with my current Android
phone, and a tale of what Motorola has done with it.

  What is at issue here is, many, MANY people purchased the Photon,
Atrix, and Electrify phones a year ago due to the hardware capability
to 'future proof' their phones.  For the majority of 2012, many users
where anxiously awaiting an update for their phones to Android 4.x.

  To make matters worse, there where a significant number of
individuals who where invited to a soak test a few months back.  I was
included in that smoke test.  You see, the Photon originally shipped
with an OEM unlockable bootloader.  Individuals such as myself had
already updated the system software which runs on the Photon.
Individuals who had updated their phones software in the past where
actively encouraged to take part in this soak test.  There was a
specific statement in the invitation survey which stated "We
understand and support an individuals right and desire to use their
equipment as they wish, and would like individuals who have done so to
take part in this soak test".

  And then, we installed the software update.  The change log provided
to us looked innocent enough.  They can be found at

  They in no way, shape, or form, mentioned the bootloader
modification, which now proactively refuses to run anything beyond the
stock software.  The invitation for the soak was specifically
targeting people, only to remove their ability to update their
software at all. Mark, the community manager, in no certain terms,
told us it wasn't motorola's problem, and there was no way to undue
what had been done.  All of this, despite the specific request for
individuals who performed an OEM unlock of their bootloader.  We where
quoted that the unlock was removed due to concerns of running custom
software, and they reserved the right to protect their etc...etc..

  Many of us complained, but accepted that eventually we would be
updated to ICS, which was our end goal, so perhaps this wasn't so bad.

  It was then announced that the Photon Q would allow for OEM
unlocking of the bootloader.  This was a direct contradiction to why
we where told that Motorola had forcibly locked our bootloaders.  That
unlocked bootloader where dangerous, and thus could not be run.  Well,
at least we will get ICS, many of us told ourselves, while grumbling..

  And now we are here today.  We purchased these flagship phones, and
where VERY proud of them.  We where excited with the state of the art
Dual Core processors, with a gig of ram.  We where disappointed when
our state of the art 4G phones lost any hope of 4G connectivity, as
WiMax was depricated out of existance, and replaced by LTE.  But that
wasn't Motorola's fault, really.

  And we sit here less then one year later.  Some software we cannot
install on our phones.  The rest of the world moves forward, can
stream Hulu and Netflix.  But not us.  The users of 2011 Motorola

  If you don't want to update phones software, please, at least let us
do it.  It's our hardware.  Unlock the bootloader.  Even better, take
the freely open modifications which end users are sharing, and use
this information to make your own releases better.

  And most importantly, prove that you value customers who purchase
your products.  You made the phones..  But they are ours.  We use them
in our every day lives.  People use your products.  Don't let your
customers believe that you don't value them.  Give them the power.
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I think +Punit Soni  must read this. If you have already read this thanks for your time. But please try to something beyond understanding us.
Great post +Thomas Charron. But we know this is Motorola. Banging your head against a wall may still yield some result but trying to talk to someone at Motorola won't. I feel the only way to let Motorola realize their folly is to completely boycott it.
+Asad Malik I don't feel it's banging your head against the wall to tell a story, to express how you feel.  And we don't have to boycott.  They have a whopping 2% of phone sales, compared to 2.5% of new sales one year ago.  You know, when I bought my Photon.  :-P  By sheer sales numbers, +Motorola Mobility has ONE phone sold for every ELEVEN Samsung has sold.  Another way to put it that sounds more impressive is, Moto sold 2.6 million less phones in the 3Q of 2012 then in the 3Q of 2011.
News from about 5 weeks ago suggests even more job cuts at Motorola. And while I feel sorry for those getting cut, Motorola as a whole knew more than 2 years ago that they would have to change their strategies in the smartphone market, specifically releasing fewer devices and focusing on quality and support, and less overall focus on Verizon. Despite knowing this, they did nothing to change. Whether or not Google's long term plans will amount to anything remains to be seen, but short term, coming in and screwing the end users, the lucky ones of which will soon be looking for new devices, probably wasn't exactly the best marketing strategy. But then again, I have serious doubts as to whether or not they even care. 
+Thomas Charron After looking at that link I can't help but to laugh knowing that Motorola did worse than RIM, though I do feel bad for their employees, especially with the current job market. 
Well their Indian website is already down. Other markets to follow suit. I don't think anyone at Motorola knows what they are doing.
+Leon Hall it's a shame, because we all can agree that we love their hardware products in general.
+Asad Malik utter speculation, but I have to wonder if Google just WANTS to close the parts of motorola that actually make cell phones, or perhaps just limit it exclusively to Verizon.  The existing phones could happen to have just been in the pipeline already, and where contractually bound to deliver them.
+Thomas Charron  If you are talking about speculations for the Asia operations of Motorola, well its dead here. They are just clearing off the stocks at real cheap prices(in India). No new phone launched in India after Razr Maxx. Their India website now states about their plans to quit Indian ops. So yes, they are doing what they said i.e. close down ops in some regions(like Asia) and focus on markets like the US.
+Thomas Charron Unfortunately, while the hardware is top notch, it does little good when the software is buggy and support and updates are almost completely non-existent to all but a single carrier and they do more to cover their mistakes than they do to actually support the devices. 
That was a stunning turn of events (that bait-and-switch with the bootloader soak test... Clearly not in harmony with the Google motto "Don't be evil.") When I first heard about the Photon 4G, I thought it was going to be a "future-proofed," sturdy, and stylish device as well, and was going to get one based upon the issues I was having with my hopelessly outmatched Samsung Intercept, which would not run much due to it's limited 850GHz processor, 512MB RAM, and a slow CDMA Rev 0 radio... I wound up getting the Samsung Galaxy SIII. I did not regret it, especially after hearing about Moto not playing nice with end users, locking bootloaders and now hamstringing devices with outdated OS's... Your point was a valid one: the phones actually do belong to US, we are not leasing them (like Bell Telephone users did with their landline phones up until the early 80's), and by law, as long as we are not selling them rooted as a value-added reseller (VAR), can modify our devices as we please...
All of this it true and more. My phone the Moto Milestone X2(de-branded Droid X2) has the hardware capabilities to run JB 4.1.1 very smoothly. Even with all the severe flaws that come with running that version of android, mainly mass force closes of many apps, it still beat 2.3.6 out of the water. In my eye making it worth even more than 2.3.6. But when you come from a small regional carrier you have no choice but to take the small selection of phones that are already a generation or two behind the rest of the carriers. I'm being completely seious when i say that the razr maxx is the newest phone in the store and i have no doubt that support for that will fall within the next year or year and a half. Thats not counting the support for sites like xda where a developer for the sister phone to my phone the droid x2 litteraly worked his phone to the point where the ram and the internal memory were failing in his attempts to bring what he could of the latest version of android to our devices. and the result he moved on to samsung he had had enough of the crap motorola has thrown at us. I was looking forward to an ics update here in q4 which would have lasted me till my contract was up and then we get cut. ive been messing with moto phones since the og razr came out (the non android one) ive unlocked subsidies, loaded itunes, and even completely rebuilt their software from the ground up using what they had several times. the result the screw us all and flaunt the latest devices with unlockable bootloaders in our faces. The least they could do for any of us is release the open source stuff they have and were working on and leak an unlocked bootloader if they cant release it. But thats the one thing that irks me the most. You can find every single possible update on motorolas servers theyre there waiting and i can gaurentee you that there are updates and factory flash files waiting right there with unlocked bootloaders ready to be flashed and unleasing the full potential of our devices. all in all sorry for the rant im tired and frustrated.
+Punit Soni blocked me too... some of my expressions are deleted but most are kept there.  I cannot believe he is a open-minded person.  Just pretend he don't know what happened in the past.  I hate his smile face... so hypocritical... that's all!
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