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Digital Fine Artist, I think therefore I will never be hired by Fox News
As a self-taught digital artist, I thrive on interpreting my ideas about our world and other worlds beyond, mixing reality and mystery by using tools of the 21st century to create art. My work has been influenced by my love of sci-fi stories, history, politics, science, and current events. While many of the landscapes appear to be photo-realistic, there are no photos used in creating the scenes. Among some of my greatest joys is the opportunity to create images that exist nowhere on this planet but within my own mind. Technology allows me to emulate traditional art media and techniques through several computer applications to create textures and shapes. I'm able to create and then assemble objects, skies, and terrains in the 3D graphics application, Vue.

Most of my images begin on a blank electronic canvas and expand layer upon layer. By creating my own vegetation, atmospheres, and terrains, I can then combine them into a myriad of land or seascapes. Just as any artist does, I pay particular attention to composition, color palette, lighting, and perspective. Every day I have dedicated time to creating art. I also keep up with new techniques via industry periodicals and internet research.

While my landscapes often remind viewers of places they recall, there is something intentionally otherworldly in the work. Collectors of my work appreciate it for its style, color, and textural appeal.

My current work investigates environmental devastation through surrealistic landscapes.

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