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We are preparing a new release of the MuseScore apps for Android which is now pushed on the beta channel for you to test.

This new release contains mostly bug and UI fixes:
- Add help on pinch
- Add help menu
- Fix transposition of transposing instruments
- Fix playback of last measure
- Speed up volume sliders in the mixer
- CJK support in search field

If you are experiencing other bugs, don't hesitate to leave a comment or contact us directly via

For this coming summer, we are planning to
- improve the app networking behaviour, which will allow us to extend the apps social features which are linked to the MuseScore site without compromising on overall performance
- experiment with new ways to display a score, eliminating the concept of page turning and allowing the ability to look ahead while playing the score

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MuseScore 3 under development: Semi-Realtime MIDI, a new note entry method #gsoc

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An interview with +Nicolas Froment and myself on how +MuseScore started as an open source project and how we grew the developers community and improve MuseScore over the years. If you manage to listen through it until the end, you'll also learn what we have in store for the next big release of the MuseScore notation software. Enjoy.
We were interviewed by FLOSS Weekly to talk about MuseScore, its history and also a little bit about its future. Thanks for having us +Randal L. Schwartz and team!

We are inviting you to join our beta testing community of the MuseScore app for Android.

By joining this group, you will receive the beta builds of the MuseScore app so you can test the new upcoming feature and bug fixes.

We also welcome your support and feature requests for the app in this group. If you want to report an issue with a specific score, always add the link to the score in the bug report.

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MuseScore meilleur que Finale et Sibelius ?

Si vous doutiez (encore !) que MuseScore est capable de faire aussi bien que Finale et Sibelius, voici un exemple dans lequel MuseScore ne se contente pas d'égaler ses concurrents, il les supplante.

+Jean-Paul Gilles, éditeur et graveur, a publié il y a quelques temps un billet sur son blog, dans lequel il prend le temps d'étudier la gestion des altérations de Finale, Sibelius et +MuseScore en comparant leur rendu graphique avec ce que préconise les règles de gravure musicales. Merci à lui pour cet éclairage fort instructif !

Verdict : MuseScore 2 gère mieux que ses concurrents la gestion des altérations :

Pour ceux qui voudraient se laisser tenter, c'est par ici : !


MuseScore better than Finale and Sibelius ?

If you doubt (again!) that MuseScore is able to do as well as Finale and Sibelius, here is an example in which MuseScore is not content to match its competitors, it supplants.

+Jean-Paul Gilles, editor and music engraver, has published some time ago a post on his blog, in which he takes the time to study the management of accidentals in Finale, Sibelius and  +MuseScore comparing their graphics rendering with what advocates rules music engraving. Thank you to him for this very instructive lighting!

Verdict: MuseScore 2 handles better than its competitors management accidentals :

For those who would be tempted , it's here : !

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Very proud on this realisation. We used LaTeX, Github and CreateSpace to bring this book to market. It took almost 2 years to write, authored by Marc Sabatella and supported by 6 proofreaders. Next step is the digital version of the book. Tbc.
Here it is! Our first paperback book to help you master MuseScore. Available at Amazon

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Sheet music made with free/libre +MuseScore and audio recordings of J.S. Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier Book 1 have just been released into public domain thanks to community's support on Kickstarter. We interviewed +Kimiko Ishizaka, Pianist, +Robert Douglass, +Thomas Bonte, and +Olivier MIQUEL -- some of the people who made this possible.

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Help us translating MuseScore 2.0 and make the world more musical!

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We are crowdsourcing a new edition of Bach's masterpiece.
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