Hmm... Netflix is finally coming to Denmark, but already I'm annoyed by it. 

The first problem, of course, is the idiocy of the TV and movie studios. For instance, I searched for Star Wars, but it isn't available in Denmark.
- Pixar?... not available.
- Top Gear USA... not available...
- Top Gear UK is available, but only old episodes from 2007 to 2010...  
- Stargate SG1 (the most popular sci-fi series of all time)? Nope, not there...
- M.A.S.H? Nope...
- Frasier? Nope...
- Simpsons? Nope...
- Futurama (had to try that one...)? ... nope!
- Seinfeld? Nope...

Okay, let's try movies:
- Finding Forrester? Nope... not available.
- Forrest Gump? Nope...
- Red October? Nope...
- Matrix? ...ahh... finally, it was in there. 
- Serenity? Nope... not available
- Star Trek? ...not the latest one, and not the great classic ones either. Only three from TNG.
- Transporters? Only 2 of the three movies. 
- Taxi? Nope...
- Disney movies? Only very few... and only the second rate ones. For instance, Mulan 2 is there but not Mulan. 
- Same with DreamWorks animation. None of the popular titles like Kung Fu Panda, but there is one episode of one of its spinoffs.

Another problem is subtitles. While I can switch them OFF for some things, many TV shows insists on displaying subtitles no matter what. What the heck Netflix? I don't want a line of text constantly disrupting my viewing experience. Get rid of them!!

I know that most of these issues are not caused by Netflix. It is instead caused by close-mindedness of the Movie and TV studios. 

Give me just one reason why I should subscribe when it's clear that you are actively discriminating against me because I live in Denmark. Frasier is available on Netflix in the US, but not here. 

Why am I a second class global citizen to you? Why is it more important for you keep you old regional physical distribution partners in a world where the internet is just a millisecond away no matter where you are?

Take a TV serie like M.A.S.H. There cannot possibly be any licensing issue with that anymore. Why didn't you give Netflix global streaming rights to that?

I don't care how many middlemen the TV and movie industry wants to put in between them and me. You can make that as complicated as you want. But what kind of lunacy is it to not make it available at all?? 

I'm standing here with my credit card in my hand, saying: "Yes, I want to pay you money every single month". And you tell me that I can't because you cannot figure out that the internet is not limited by distance?

As David Pogue wrote when he experienced the same problem with ebooks:

"Dudes: It’s 2012. You’re among the last big-name holdouts on the face of the earth. You’re worried about the royalty rate? How about worrying about the thousands of dollars a month you’ve been leaving on the table by not offering the books to the public who’s willing to buy it?"

Are you so afraid of the future that you would rather die with the past? 

Back in 2009 I created the comic below ( ... We are now in 2012 and still nothing has changed.

I want to help the TV and movie industry  I want your future to be spectacular  I want you to be connected directly to your audience. I want to help you create a better experience where you can make more money.

But it's really hard when you have locked yourself into a dark room with no connection to the real world... where you are sitting with a gun in your hand constantly shooting yourself in the foot. 

Please open the door... We are out here waiting for you. We want to give you our money. We want to connect with you. We want see what new things you make. 

Please, stop being afraid of the future. It's really a wonderful place.
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