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The Sacramento HackerLab is running a second round of their Intel IoT incubator.  This is a 6 week program aimed to help people prototype new products, learn skills, meet people, and showcase what they made.  All participants get free hardware and a $200 project budget, in addition to a bunch of other resources.
We’re back for round two of the Intel IoT Incubator. This time, better than ever.  This program is designed to help you: • Build your dream products • Learn new skills • Meet local developers • Showcase what you made Join us on March 11th to:  - Learn about the Intel IoT Incubator #round2  - Pitch your project idea to the community - Form teams - Check out Arduino Galileo and Edison product demos  - Eat pizza and meet fellow makers Apply Today!...
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Thomas Amsler

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I know you guys love Polycasts, so I threw together a site with all of the Polycasts and will add more as they are made.  The site is made with Polymer, of course.  Check it out at!
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Thomas Amsler

Study Group  - 
02/24/2015 : Lesson 3 : Study Jam
We will meet in the downstairs main area at the HackerLab.
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Thomas Amsler

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Revealing the mysteries of routing in +Polymer on today's episode of #Polycasts 
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Thomas Amsler

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Gobot is a framework for robotics, physical computing, and the Internet of Things, written in the <span> Go programming language</span>.
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Thomas Amsler

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Nice video about our proposed campus released today!
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Thomas Amsler

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Lesson 2 Notes (2/17/2015)

- Connecting to the cloud

- Accessing REST APIs
-- Data for one week per ZIP code
-- Response from server in JSON format

- HttpUrlConnection vs HttpClient
-- HttpUrlConnection is recommended

- Log / LogCat
-- Avoid log spam

- NetworkOnMainThreadException

- Threads
-- Main Thread
-- Background Thread (Networking, DB, ..., long running IO)

- AsyncTask
-- onPreExecute (UIT)
-- doInBackground (BT)
-- onProgressUpdate (UIT)
-- onPostExecute (UIT)

- Refactor ForecastFragment (separate file)

- Refresh menu option (FOR DEBUGGING ONLY!!)

- Fetch data from Activity?
-- Fetch data from a Service, SyncAdapter, Google Cloud Messaging

- Menu Options
-- Add "setHasOptionsMenu(true) to fragment

- Permissions & Security Exception
-- Internet Permission
-- android.permission.INTERNET

- UriBuilder

- Process data that comes back from the server
-- JSONObject obj = new JSONObject("JSON string...");

- ArrayAdapter change data
-- adapter.notifyDataSetChanged()
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Thomas Amsler

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Lesson 3 Notes (2/24/2015)

- Learn about activities and intent framework

- Show detail view when user clicks on an item in the list
-- setOnItemClickListener
-- Inside ForecastFragment in onCreateView method
-- Show info via Toast message

- Create detail activity
- Declared in AndroidManifest file

- Start DetailActivity
-- startActivity(Intent)
-- Explicit vs Implicit intents
--- Explicit : class name
Intent intent = new Intent(getActivity(), DetailActivity.class).putExtra(Intent.EXTRA_TEXT, forecast);
--- Implicit : define action and data ;
DIAL : Tel: 555-2368 - In DetailActivity get intent data
-- in onCreateView
Intent intent = getActivity().getIntent();
String forecast = intent.getStringExtra(Intent.EXTRA_TEXT)
--- Set TextView content

- Setting UX
-- Location
-- Pick your units
-- Stores data in default SharedPreferences file
- PreferenceActivity vs PreferenceFragment

- When fetching data from the weather service, we get the location from the stored preferences.

- Update weather via "updateWeather()" by placing in the "onStart()" method in ForecastFragment.

- ListPreference to store units
-- metric or imperial

- Debugging & Breakpoints

- Preferred location
-- Implicit intent to open map

- ShareActionProvider
-- Additional icon in action bar

- Broadcast Intent (BroadcastReceiver)
-- Device is charging etc.
-- SendBroadcast
-- Register BroadcastReceiver in manifest or programmatically
-- Difference
--- Manifest : receives broadcast : App Running & App Terminated
--- Programmatically : receives broadcast : App Running
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Thomas Amsler

Study Group  - 
I am looking forward seeing you all at tonights Android Study Jam.

Please signup here if you are attending:
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Android Fundamentals Study Jam Sacramento
Second Study Session : 02/17/2015
#devstudyjam   #gdgsacramento   #gdg  
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Dad, GDG Sacramento Organizer, Android Developer, Open Source ...
I'm the tech lead for the Smartsite (Sakai) team at UC Davis.  I'm living in West Sacramento California, but I'm originally from Switzerland.

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