We came up with a pretty cool idea for the maker camps we are holding and thought you all might find this cool. The idea is to make merit-style badges for when they complete certain things along the week. Check out some of the first few we have come up with:

The top-left is "conductive sewing", to its' right is "lighting an LED", below that is "MODKIT programming. At the very right is "MakeyMakey" (Makey^2) and the one on the bottom left is the "lightning pig"... It's for my father-in-law who burnt a rack of ribs so bad it looked like it was struck by lightning. So the idea is that we will have a pin backing glued to the back.
We will be making more and if we find free time will get around to sharing the vector files.Please feel free to steal this idea(not really a new idea) or pass it on to fellow Makers!

Have fun out there.
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