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I love all the whitespace. I finally have a place for my post-its. 
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Stop. Using. max. screen.

wtf is wrong with you people?
+Stephen Elaschuk is resizes the page to look more like a normal size instead of being stretched out, therefore making less whitespace that the Shack is going ape shit over. see my pic.
resizing too small hides the chatbox, which is all well and dandy, but it leave an even bigger whitespace in its wake
What's with the comments looking faded...bad font color choice.
lol at a glance I thought I saw "milk, bread, fags", then I zoomed in. I'm disappointed in you Thom. 
It looks fine to me. A typical Google search results page has a lot more whitespace.
+Alex Wodecki I'm just piling on. I don't think it's bad at all. If I was going to really complain about a Google site, it'd be Reader.
Oh man, Reader needs some work. I like the G+ redesign overall, but +Jason Snively has some good points.
Don't forget to add toilet paper to that note.
looks like you accidentally signed in to your wife's account
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