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+G.K. Nelson​ reshared this post and made some great commentary. Go read it and comment there. It is important:

Obama Privately Tells Donors That Time Is Coming to Unite Behind Hillary Clinton


In unusually candid remarks, President Obama privately told a group of Democratic donors last Friday that Senator Bernie Sanders is nearing the point where his campaign against Hillary Clinton will come to an end, and that the party must soon come together to back her.

Mr. Obama acknowledged that Mrs. Clinton is perceived to have weaknesses as a candidate, and that some Democrats did not view her as authentic.

But he played down the importance of authenticity, noting that President George W. Bush — whose record he ran aggressively against in 2008 — was once praised for his authenticity.

Mr. Obama made the remarks after reporters had left a fund-raising event in Austin, Tex., for the Democratic National Committee. The comments were described by three people in the room for the event, all of whom were granted anonymity to describe a candid moment with the president. The comments were later confirmed by a White House official.

Mr. Obama chose his words carefully, and did not explicitly call on Mr. Sanders to depart the race, according to those in the room. Still, those in attendance said in interviews that they took his comments as a signal to Mr. Sanders that perpetuating his campaign, which is now an uphill climb, could only help the Republicans recapture the White House.

Mr. Obama’s message came at a critical juncture for Mr. Sanders, who had just upset Mrs. Clinton in the Michigan primary and has been trying to convince Democrats that his campaign is not over, despite Mrs. Clinton’s formidable lead in the delegate tally.

Mr. Obama has been careful in public to avoid disparaging Mr. Sanders, given his deeper history and relationship with Mrs. Clinton. Mr. Obama also does not want to alienate the liberal voters who have flocked to Mr. Sanders.

Mr. Obama acknowledged what have emerged as the central complaints about Mrs. Clinton among Democratic activists: that she is not generating enough excitement in her campaign, and lacks the “authenticity” of Mr. Sanders.

Those in attendance described an urgency in Mr. Obama’s tone as he suggested that Democrats needed to come together to prevent an opening for the Republicans, whose leading candidate is Donald J. Trump, to exploit.

Mr. Obama addressed the group four nights before Tuesday’s nominating contests, in which Mrs. Clinton was heavily favored. As it happened, Mrs. Clinton won at least four of the five states that voted — Missouri has yet to be called — further padding her lead in the race for delegates.

Mr. Obama indicated that he knew some people were not “excited” by Mrs. Clinton’s candidacy, a White House official confirmed.

But, while he stressed that he was not endorsing either candidate, and that both would make good presidents, Mr. Obama went on to lavish praise on Mrs. Clinton, describing her as smart, tough and experienced, and said that she would continue the work of his administration. Mr. Sanders has very publicly criticized Mr. Obama on certain policies and has called for a “political revolution.”

Mr. Obama said that he understood the appeal to voters of a candidate who is authentic, the official said. But he also reminded the Texas donors in the room that Mr. Bush was considered authentic when he was running for president, suggesting that being authentic did not necessarily translate into being a good president, in his view.

The Austin event was hosted by Kirk Rudy, a real estate executive, and raised money for the Democratic National Committee. Attendees paid as much as $33,400 a ticket.

Mr. Sanders is trying to reassure supporters and the public that he is still in pursuit of the presidency, despite the long odds against him. Some of his supporters have complained that the Democratic National Committee has favored Mrs. Clinton in the primary battle.

Mr. Sanders’s campaign manager, Jeff Weaver, and his senior campaign adviser, Tad Devine, told reporters Wednesday afternoon that they believed the Vermont senator could still make up Mrs. Clinton’s delegate lead. They added that Mr. Sanders expected to do very well in coming contests in Arizona, Wisconsin, Idaho, Utah, Washington and New York.

“We are literally about halfway through,” Mr. Weaver said.

Mr. Devine echoed those sentiments. “We agree we are behind, but we also think we are going to win this game,” he said. “We are just not intimidated by the numbers.”

Both men also said that it would be unfair to not allow voters in all states to be able to cast their ballots for Mr. Sanders and that he had the money to continue his campaign through the Democratic convention this summer.

Yamiche Alcindor contributed reporting.
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Thanks for the pointer to that. It's a rant well worth the read.
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Thom Thomas

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Sometimes, people make me reconsider whether violence might actually be the answer... especially when dealing with those that would deny humiliated mouths from being filled by the angels of bread. [1]

A pull from the article:

Apparently, the woman has no idea of the irony of this happening at a Walmart, of all places. We don’t know anything about this man, but for all we know, he could be a Walmart employee. It’s actually quite common for full-time Walmart employees to need food stamps and other types of assistance.

If it weren’t for the low, low wages that Republicans love, perhaps this man wouldn’t need food stamps, but because Walmart pays so little, they are costing taxpayers $6.2 million a year in public assistance. That’s just Walmart. That doesn’t include all of the other minimum wage businesses that are supplementing their payroll with taxpayer dollars. Walmart is driving down wages across the country and they single-handedly are responsible for 18 percent of the SNAP (food stamp) market. About 15 percent of their employees are on food stamps.

On the flip-side of that coin, Walmart is also the biggest beneficiary of food stamp money. About 4 percent of their sales each and every year is paid for with food stamps.

There’s another issue here as well. We’ve entered an age of voyeurism, and it’s all by “small government Republicans.” Republicans peek in people’s bedrooms, in women’s vaginas, in public bathrooms and yes, in shopping carts. The bottom line is that everyone receives some sort of government assistance; we drive on roads, some of us use libraries, we use the court system, we rely on public utilities, we go to school, we expect police and fire protection. We are even getting government assistance every time we qualify for a tax deduction. There is not one person in America who hasn’t benefited from the federal government, and benefiting from the federal government does not mean we lose our autonomy.

[1] Allusion to a poem by Martín Espada: Imagine the Angels of Bread

The ending that kills me every time my eyes arrive to read it:
So may every humiliated mouth,
teeth like desecrated headstones,
fill with the angels of bread.

The poem in its entirety:

This is the year that squatters evict landlords,
gazing like admirals from the rail
of the roofdeck
or levitating hands in praise
of steam in the shower;
this is the year
that shawled refugees deport judges
who stare at the floor
and their swollen feet
as files are stamped
with their destination;
this is the year that police revolvers,
stove-hot, blister the fingers
of raging cops,
and nightsticks splinter
in their palms;
this is the year that darkskinned men
lynched a century ago
return to sip coffee quietly
with the apologizing descendants
of their executioners.

This is the year that those
who swim the border's undertow
and shiver in boxcars
are greeted with trumpets and drums
at the first railroad crossing
on the other side;
this is the year that the hands
pulling tomatoes from the vine
uproot the deed to the earth that sprouts
the vine,
the hands canning tomatoes
are named in the will
that owns the bedlam of the cannery;
this is the year that the eyes stinging from the poison that purifies toilets
awaken at last to the sight
of a rooster-loud hillside,
pilgrimage of immigrant birth; this is the year that cockroaches
become extinct, that no doctor
finds a roach embedded
in the ear of an infant;
this is the year that the food stamps
of adolescent mothers
are auctioned like gold doubloons,
and no coin is given to buy machetes
for the next bouquet of severed heads
in coffee plantation country.
If the abolition of slave-manacles
began as a vision of hands without manacles,then this is the year;
if the shutdown of extermination camps
began as imagination of a land
without barbed wire or the crematorium,
then this is the year;
if every rebellion begins with the idea
that conquerors on horseback
are not many-legged gods, that they too drown
if plunged in the river,
then this is the year.

So may every humiliated mouth,
teeth like desecrated headstones,
fill with the angels of bread.
Things got nasty, real quick. This man didint deserve to be publicly shamed for trying to feed his kid.
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That's a great way to garner support for a general...
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Nest employees complain about unrealistic deadlines and hierarchical structure set by CEO Tony Fadell.
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Just 40 light years from Earth, planets are best targets so far for search for extraterrestrial life.
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More examples of the wide lack of confidence many at Google have for Fadell.
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Consumer-grade routers... I've thrown out boxes of them. Tests have been done demonstrating that the CPUs in a lot of big-name models are severely under-cooled, so the lifespan of the device is a lot shorter than it should be (retrofitting them with extra cooling can extend the service life significantly [oh, and void the warranty]). 
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Background When traveling, Elizabeth and I are always a little bit extra cautious; we hide money in special belts, we carry emergency cards in 3 separate places, we never withdraw more than $100 from the ATM. One precaution Elizabeth always takes, is covering her PIN number with her left hand while she types it with …
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Durham was forced to resign as House Majority Whip but still intends to run for re-election. This isn’t even the first time he’s been in hot water – he once wrote a letter, on House stationary, *in support of a pastor who plead guilty to statutory rape and the possession of child pornography.*
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Central BBQ is one of the top joints in Memphis to get ribs and smoked pork. My favorite though, (when I'm not pigging out on ribs) is their BBQ nachos with smoked chicken instead of pork. Great local craft beer selection on draft, great patio and like some of the best joints around, a crowded interior. Do your self a favor, buy a bag of their homemade chips.
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I love this store location. I always get great service from knowledgeable staff that does their best to make sure me and my family has the best deal on our phone service. If only they could motivate T-mo to expand their network coverage so that I could have LTE data all the way across the south eastern United States during my summer and winter road trips.
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It's a mall. I find malls to be less fun than hemorrhoids. As malls go, this one is okay, in the same what that a hemorrhoid is not colon cancer. I saw Deadpool at the theater there, which I found ironic in certain ways, it's getting 3 stars instead of 1. If you like malls, this mall will be fine for you - you might give it 3 or more starts.
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90 reviews
Throughout the years Amerigo has consistently served delicious food and a relaxing experience. It's classy without being uptight. Casual without being inattentive to details. And omg, the cheeses fritters will likely kill me by way of gluttony and drunken cheesy delight. I've ordered the cheese fritters for dessert, not because they are dessert-like at all, but because those fritters are so good, I didn't care about creme brulee, cheese cake or any of my other favorite treats. At Amerigo, every bite I've put in my mouth tastes just right, and I've sampled widely from their menu. I never have to worry about service or the atmosphere and I definitely don't have to worry about the food. It's always worth my while.
• • •
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Last I went there, it was not a great experience. It's been 5 yrs or more since I've been back. The food was that bad. It's hard to believe the place is still in business.
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