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Thom Pastor
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Thom Pastor

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Who needs a name represented on the Tour des Chutes?
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He's got a bike and he's riding to support his wife and anyone else who has had cancer.
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Thom Pastor

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Where will you be next Friday? 

I'll be shaking Gary's hand. He's an amazing man and I'm privileged to have gotten to know him over the past year.
#inspired   #fcancer  
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This is what got me started writing Dessert Loves Beer

Though I changed it to be a book for beginners, the info for pros is still inside.
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Not my best work, but it was an amazing evening.
Last Saturday Ale Apothecary Club Members from all over the state met in a beautiful home at the base of Aubrey Butte for the 2nd...
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Thom Pastor

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I'm competing this Saturday
I have one hour and the following list of ingredients. What would you do?
 Fresh Pantry Dry Pantry Fresh Herbs and Clamshell Greens Dried Spices Proteins
Whole Milk Artisan Breads Microherb Mix Cloves Oysters
Whipping Cream Honey Parsley All Spice Bay Shrimp
Unsalted Butter Olive Oil Selection Cilantro Ancho Ocean Fish Selection including Salmon
Sour Cream Vinegar Selection French Sorrel Cumin Seed, Ground Pork
Butter Milk Nuts Tarragon Coriander Seed, Ground Chicken
Gelato - Salted Choc and Vanilla Chocolate Sage Sesame Seeds, Toasted Lamb
Hard and Soft Cheese Selection Cocoa Basil Black Pepper Bacon
Pasta Sheets Corn Starch/ Potato Starch Oregano White Pepper Lamb
Pizza Dough Bulgar Wheat Chipotle Beef
Beef Stock All Purpose Flour Lovage Natural Cocao Eggs
Vegi Stock White Sugar Thyme Cinnamon
Chicken Stock Brown Sugar Bay Leaves (fresh) Cayenne
  Rices Celery Seed
Fresh Veggies and Fruits Dijon Mustard Chervil
Rhubarb Soy Sauce Dill
  Worchestersire Sauce Fennel
Lettuce Mix Baking Powder Fenugreek
Arugula Baking Soda Garam Masala
Swiss Chard Fish Sauce Oregano
  Molasses Sage
Garlic Tomato Paste Juniper Berries
Pearl Onions Anchovy Paste Nutmeg
Broccoli Beer Sweet Paprika
Cauliflower Wine Selection Rosemary
Mixed Beets Red Truffle Salt
Asian Greens White Za'tar
Cabbage California Fennel Pollen
Leeks Peppermint
Edible Flowers Shallot salt
Mushrooms Crushed Red Pepper
Berry Selection Tomatoe Powder
Kale Turbinado Sugar
Spinach Black Mustard seed
Sweet and Spicy Peppers 
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+Ryan Parker my sous chef is Peter!
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Raw album from the Ale Apothecary Club Member bottle share. These folks don't screw around.
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You just keep doubling down.
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Thom Pastor

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Sure this guy can drive faster than me, but I can keep going.

You won't see me ever hit E with my MPGs!

In My Prius
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Have him in circles
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Thom Pastor

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Time to play:
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Not yet +Miles Wilhelm. Maybe for stocking stuffers, though.
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Thom Pastor

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Well, it was close but I didn't win my round of the Bend Top Chef competition. 
Team Thom and Peter: 113
Team Sunriver Resort: 119
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Sounds amazing!!
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Thom Pastor

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+Thom Pastor its hard to plate under pressure! For fancy events, I almost always have to map it out ahead of time
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This is the walk in door of one of my kitchens.


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My first thought is "it opens the wrong way." I would want a door next to a counter to open towards the counter.
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Thom Pastor

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You just don't see this in real life. It doesn't happen. But happened.

Amazing #craftbeer
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That's a thing of beauty.
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Have him in circles
16,468 people
Chef. Author. Beer Writer.
Cooking food, pairing it with beverages, writing about it.
  • St. Charles Medical Center
    Nutrition Services Manager, 2014 - present
  • Stilig Press
    Author, 2013 - present
    I drink, eat, then write about it without being snooty.
  • St. Charles Medical Center, Redmond
    Executive Chef, 2010 - 2014
  • Cascade Culinary Institute
    Chef Instructor, 2012 - 2014
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Bend, OR
Chico, CA - Hyde Park, NY - Miami, FL - Hood River, OR - Eugene, OR
Pick yourself...not your nose.
Dad and husband. Craft beer evangelist: author of "Dessert Loves Beer" (available on Amazon...wink, wink) and beer writer for The Source Weekly. Rocks bow ties. Drinks fantastic amounts of coffee. Has been known to ride his bike 400 miles in two days...for beer. Seriously, between coffee and beer this guy doesn't drink anything that isn't brewed. Oh, and he's a professional chef trained by the CIA (not that one).

You will also see a lot of beer related info from me. I have so much fun with beer that wrote a book about it. Learn more at

My two non-food passions:
Bike racing - especially criteriums and cyclocross;
Skiing - former park rat who now enjoys the quiet backcountry.

Someday I would also like to punch cancer in its throat for trying to take my wife. (She kicked its ass but the fight was brutal.)
Bragging rights
I just wrote a fun book! Check out for details.
  • Culinary Institute of America
    Culinary Arts
    Hyde Park, New York
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