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Thom Hoch
On extended sabbatical exploring North America
On extended sabbatical exploring North America


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What an enjoyable time with these girls!!!

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Met our newest family addition, granddaughter Mckenna.

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Shared anniversary celebration with daughter Andrea & son-in-law Gage ...18 yrs for them and 45 for us. Had a wonderful evening checking out a couple places in downtown Camas, WA

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Enjoyed a walk along the Columbia River with grandsons Ryan and Evan.

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Continuing north and cross into Washington State to spend time with children and grandchildren.

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What a way to start our first cross country trip with the Boovan than to gather with friends, old and new, to watch tomorrow's total eclipse of the sun from Corvallis, OR. Our host, Tom Bombadil, prepared a wonderful meal of smoked turkey, oven roasted potatoes in garlic butter with a side of gravy. Ate, drank & were merry!

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21 Aug 2017 10:17 am - totality lasted about 1 min 40 sec.: Our Total Solar Eclipse experience in Corvallis, Oregon. Words can't describe the aura that blanketed us, the color, the shadow passing over, shadow ripples on the ground as totality approached and again as it left, seeing stars, a pink hued horizon like that of well past dusk. Our grandson Ryan described it as "like being in a painting".
Thank you Tom B and K2 for hosting this gathering of old friends and new, as well as your wonderful hospitality.
Thom & Dar

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Final loading of the boovan today, mothballing the fifth wheel, followed by departure tomorrow. First up, a few minutes with the TOTALITY.

With August comes heat. Nothing to be concerned about... it's normal for this part of Oregon. And this week will probably be the warmest of the year with temps predicted to be over 100 degrees F for a few days in a row.

Interestingly, the prediction for tomorrow, Wednesday is 110 degrees while Phoenix AZ will be at "just" 100 degrees.

I think we'll just deal with it and store the experience in our memory banks for use during the upcoming Winter.

July 23; Life can get complicated even in your retired years. We have a passel of reasons why we're staying in the Pacific Northwest this year. Here's a list:
* Rig changes... buy 5th wheel, sell motorhome. Buy van, sell camper and truck.
* Community... more involved with our little co-op, elected to the board.
* Family... Grandchild number 4 is on the way.
* Eclipse... a once in a lifetime opportunity

But we're REALLY getting itchy to get back on the road. At this point, our target departure date is the 22nd of August... the day after the eclipse.
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