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Thom Erb
Marching to the beat of my own drummer since 1967!
Marching to the beat of my own drummer since 1967!
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Let us try this again...When shall we start playing again?

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My work- written by me, and/or Cover art designed by me.  Groovy stuff. 
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Looking for completely different zombie story? Please check out my new novel. Heaven, Hell, or Houston: A Zombie Thriller

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Do you dig gritty tales filled with brutal fights, alcoholic Texas Rangers, wise-ass teenage runaways, vicious crews of Mexican gang bangers leaving a bloody wake behind them?  Oh yeah, zombies too?

Well, then Heaven, Hell, or Houston just might be what you need to read on these frigid winter nights. 
Are you tired of the same old zombie story? Are you thirsting for a different kind of undead tale? 
Well, the drinks are on me!

Order your copy of HEAVEN, HELL, or HOUSTON today and share the zombie love!!!!




It's early summer 1985, and after a less than successful "easy" stint as the Governor's security detail, the volatile, alcoholic Texas Ranger Jay McCutcheon wants nothing more than to get home to his wife and baby and save his marriage. He thinks the only thing standing between him and his family is five hundred rain-soaked miles of dark pavement. But he's dead wrong.
Isandro Dianira has just broken out of prison. He's been possessed by an evil voice that has spoken to him since childhood. With his gang-banger thugs, he leaves a bloody trail on his way to Mexico. But before leaving the country, he needs to kill McCutcheon, the pig that put him in the pen. 
As the two men unknowingly race toward each other, a powerful rainstorm is heading westward, and along with it, a zombie virus that's causing the dead to rise.
Stacy-Jo, a street-tough teenage girl from New York is about to get in some serious trouble, when she meets McCutcheon, who winds up saving her hide from a nasty situation. 
Together, they hit the road and wind up at a roadside diner, where brutal violence will unfold and the undead will feed.

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Ready for a different kind of retro noir zombie tale? Heaven, Hell, or Houston: A Zombie Thriller
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