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Never mind your parachute... what color is your Dinosaur?
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may I help, found a spacer and platinate cruiser!
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Not everyone benefits mentally from exercise:
A new study revealed that a common genetic variant in the brain-derived neurotrophic factor gene reduces the neurobiological benefits induced by physical exercise in mice.
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An Ancient Island Murder Mystery: SOLVED! Take that, Dame Agatha Christie.
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I wanna party with Blair, get her drunk, and then make her feel guilty so she does me again in the morning. But I won't. She's just not feasible. And my soul tether atman won't let me. I mean, there's got to be some reason, right? I can't see the angels to ignore them.
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Molecules extracted from 3.8 million-year-old ostrich eggshells appear to break the record for oldest preserved proteins.
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......ya se están repartiendo masivamente paraperonchos K.y en especial para la Campora.
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TWIS knew you were going to say that! 😄
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New TWIS News! 21 September, 2016 – Episode 585 – This Week in Science Podcast (TWIS)
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Plant memories might come from RNA machines:
A special stretch of ribonucleic acid (RNA) called COOLAIR is revealing its inner structure and function to scientists, displaying a striking resemblance to an RNA molecular machine, territory previously understood to be limited to the cells’ protein factory (the ‘ribosome’) and not a skill set given to mere strings of RNA.
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... Urlaubsantrag.
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Official Post from This Week in Science (TWIS): Episode #585 — Words And Gibberish — This week on TWIS (@TWIScience), hosts Dr. Kiki (@drkiki), Blair Bazdarich (@blairsmenagerie) and Justin Jackson (@jacksonfly) discuss this week's science news.Dr. Kiki, Blair and Justin explore the world of science news with a few of the week's popular stories:(
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Researchers examine the role of long interspersed element-1 retrotransposition in neuronal mosaicism.
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We're not in Kansas anymore! At least, not with our roofs.
Elementary school science teaches us that in the sun, dark colors get hot while white stays cool. Now new research from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory has found an exception: scientists have determined that certain dark pigments can stay just as cool as white by using fluorescence, the re-emission of absorbed light.
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Are pigeons more well-read than you?
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+David Eckard  Even when you're a moving target their aim is still pretty good.  LOL
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TWIS Poll! Please respond — should mosquitoes be altered to #prefercows , #killthemosquitoes or #leavethembe ? see -
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