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Len B
When you are choosing to work in violent countries the chances of being killed or injured are dramatically increased.
By accounts on the ground the attack was well armed and well coordinated indicating a pre planned attack.
"Most people don't bring rocket-propelled grenades & heavy weapons 2 demonstrations. That was act of terror"
~ John McCain
Jake´s interview with Rice was good, as well the panel. But seeing Liz Cheney being lectured about basic political issues by a panel that included some of the greatest journalists in the country like Gwen Ifill, Jonathan Karl and George Will was ridiculous.

Liz Cheney should not have any place in the roundtable.
I wouldn't call that group the "greatest group of journalist" And I would take Liz Cheney in any debate against anyone of them.  I like George Will but sometimes I have no idea where he is coming from but I love when he uses the facts and figures as does Liz. It supports what your saying. 
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