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Tomorrow we will host our first Google + Hangout with +Jake Tapper and +Matthew Dowd for a discussion of election-season politics at 11:30 am. Be sure to submit your questions below and we may discuss tomorrow.
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President of the United States, it seems to me like he not hitting the trail here very early, it seems quite late with my recent memory or is it just me?
Mr. President my cows are cold and hungry.....Pls.Help.Pls.
Hello and thanks for taking the time for a g+ hangout!
Some things I'm curious about:
How does the outcome of the effort to recall Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin affect unions' influence on the presidential election?
How much of a campaign issue will right-to-work be in the American midwest and beyond?
If the Supreme Court overturns all or part of the Obama healthcare, what should the Obama campaign do? I'm wondering if healthcare is sort of a gender issue, seems like we are always talking higher deductibles, using the health savings acct., etc. Not an accurate poll, of course, but it seems like we (women) make many of the decisions.
Liked the contrast between Santorum and Rommey campaigns, and also how involved their families are.
Hoping there is a huge voter turnout this fall, and hoping we all take part in the dialogue about what kind of nation we want to be. Often that begins and continues because of people like you-thank you, and keep up the stellar work!

Does anyone believe that the Obama campaign had NOTHING to do with Hilary Rosen's appearance on CNN?
What rate did Obama's secretary pay on her taxes?
As Hispanics grow in their electoral power and influence, will Marco Rubio's DREAM Act alternative become a talking point? Will it be an issue that Romney has to address?
Obama could win Indiana again if he would only point out that our industries in northern Indiana would be bust if he hadn't bailed out the car companies. Why don't we hear much about that from him?
Question: Do you think the visual and vocal woman that Michelle has been over the years will allow Barack to win over women voters against Romney?
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