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Behind the Brushstrokes
Behind the Brushstrokes


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#bornonthisday  Salvador Dali. A look at his life, art and philosophy

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We Are Live >>

Now all you art lovers can explore your favourite paintings like never before on

1)Read their interpretations written by other art lovers

2)Look at the details of the artworks closely with visual tools 

3)Write your own interpretations and get featured on the front page.

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On Vincent Van Gogh's 162nd Birthday, take a look at the genius's life as an artist and struggles with mental deterioration.

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Explore the hidden metaphors in the paintings of Vladimir Kush which will capture your imagination.

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"She looks at you and then into your soul,
Through smokey veils and dress black coal.
And then there is that smile so mysterious,
We present to you work of a genius."

The question that we have all asked, at least once in our life:
So What is the Big deal with the Monalisa?

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Can you find out what object has #caravaggio  used to represent Assumption of Mary into Heaven 

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Check out all the interesting questions on paintings at
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