Shoppers check more sources before checking out
The old days of search, click and buy are gone: Today’s online shoppers are researching their options carefully before deciding to purchase. In fact, according to the Google ebook Zero Moment of Truth, consumers are now consulting an average of 10.7 sources before making a buying decision--double the rate in 2010. And, 70 percent of Americans now say they read reviews before buying. In other words, your marketing funnel has become more of a tunnel as customers travel down a long path of discovery before purchase. Even more reason to take all steps to conversion into account when measuring your campaign success this season.

Tips from our Analytics team: The new version of Google Analytics features Multi-Channel Funnels (MCF) reporting, so you can see not only the last click prior to conversion, but also how a user’s earlier interactions influenced the purchase decision. For example, you’ll be able to tell if a user clicked on an organic search link just before purchasing, while in the weeks before the purchase, he clicked on a display ad, followed links from a post on a social network, and then later visited your site directly. Multi-Channel Funnels help you see this narrative of user behavior as it leads up to the conversion, offering optimization insights for your holiday campaigns and beyond. When reviewing MCF, you’ll discover which channels are driving or assisting conversions, and you can adjust advertising budgets and promotional efforts accordingly. #decemberadventure
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