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Are you ready to GoMo?
Visit, an initiative by Google, to learn more about why mobile matters, test how your current site looks in mobile and get a free report with personalized mobile site recommendations.
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I wanted to see how this works but some for some reason it doesn't load using chrome
"Gomo" has just one meaning for the most of the Russian-speaking: a homosexual. Of course those who don't lack education would think about "homo sapiens" instead :-)
The irony is this site loads terrible on an Android SG-S2.
+Ryan Mattison guess they are all desktop users!

When testing a site it loads the content underneath each time. Forcing you to scroll down again from the top of the page. At first I thought it was not working at all as the new content appears beneath the fold.
+Peter Bočan you're not trolling. You're being helpful. Same for +Ivan Mashchenko. Someone at Google in marketing should thank you for pointing this out, and for doing so in a polite way! Genuine trolls are not polite.
And I can't even use Google+ on my phone because it'll redirect me to a page to install Google Chrome which I can't do because it's a phone. Classy.
fyi google, that site doesn't work in chrome/ubuntu
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