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Online shopping is up this year but so are abandoned carts
Christmas is less than two weeks away, and shoppers are showing serious intent to get check off their gift lists. According to comScore*, online spending is up 15% this holiday season with nearly $25B already spent. The shoppers are as discerning as ever, though, with 96% of people visiting a website leaving without completing a transaction.

Tip from our Display team: Use remarketing to follow-up with targeted shoppers who browsed your products and left, or abandoned your shopping cart part-way through the purchase process. You can offer incentives such as special discounts and free shipping, or highlight your great return policies to drive purchases. #decemberadventure

(Source: comScore, 12/11/11)
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That is exactly what we are doing as the year comes to a close. Soft at first and more agressive towards the end. The end of the year really is the very best ime to purchase a car or steal one (price-wise). Please join +1 us and join our circle,
I think the most important question is why are they abandoning the purchase. Wonder if it's because the website application is difficult or has too many steps to complete said transactions? That's usually why I leave -- having to make yet another login/pwd combination too. More and more commerical sites should use OpenID.
Nice to see that most of our clients have taken on board our site optimisation tips and most outperform the industry.

Ahem. /Plug

Interesting thought though: I sometimes find myself adding a bunch of products to a shopping cart so I can compare them. A kind of replacement for a missing comparison function.

I'm sure you're all aware of it, but Remarketing can work incredibly well to get those visitors back again if you target correctly.
I am sure that this number is highly inflated as many shoppers are underaged and cannot complete the purchase, although they do love shopping and do tell their parents...
+Roger Underhill I might further add that this number isn't necessarily unique abandoned carts. Many products may need more than one visit to a site before converting. Does this stat include them?
+Mark Tillison Yes, unfortunately this has become the accepted practice for circumventing the manufacturer's MAP pricing policies, which used to be called price fixing...
+The Wilson Group ooh. Surprising customers with additional delivery charges at the checkout is the complaint we hear most often when explaining what we do. Hateful!
I believe also that most people after looking at shipping costs and other factors, believe that it would be cheaper to go to the store in person, i.e. Toysrus
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