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Republicans have blocked so many potential job-creating bills in Congress, it almost makes you think they’re doing it on purpose. [updated]
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Well, duh, they are! They figure out that four years can't kill Americans. Anything to make Obama a one-time President is their primary goal...and I'm quite certain they're not hiding it.
Wow, I'd like to see where those polling figures came from.  I agree with the sentiment, but I'm a liberal.  Are "moderates" the same as "independents"?
wtf is a moderate anyways?  People don't even know how to describe themselves, the right has gone way right and the left has gone way left... so people that hate them both just say moderate?
+Brad Dillon
You asked the question, and you answered.
Being "moderate" in politics is like being a "moderate" drinker. You're neither sober nor drunk. Just tipsy. 
So you keep thinking that it's the government that has control over the economy. Not so! Look above the strings they are attached too and you find the real men and women who control the economy.
Actually, I would suggest that compared to the rest of the world US politicians are generally right wing.  If you take a left leaning senator or congressman and look at their politics they probably line up somewhere on the center/center right end of the spectrum in any other country.  There are probably a few exceptions but I can't think of any off the top of my head.     
+Lion Fisile I'm not sure that hating both and being 'in the middle' by a default necessarily qualifies as moderate... I think people are having a harder time identifying with either party these days.

+Phillip Pogue it's government colluding with big business/banks... those large corporations that receive huge tax breaks and find those wonderful loop holes couldn't do what they do without the government help, the banks couldn't make the money they do, especially off of our debt without the government and the federal reserve. 
+Zach Stedt On economic policies, certainly.  Ayn Rand worship hasn't caught on in other countries like it has in the US.  On social issues, US politics is probably much closer to the global center, or even on the left.  

That's the trouble with conflating all these issues and policies into a simple left/right axis.  Abortion rights, global warming, and economic redistributive really have very little to do with each other, but people's ideas on any one of these issues is strongly correlated with liberal or conservative ideology.
government colluding with business and banks is like a bag of rattler's in Texas at the snake rodeo. Someone is going the get bit.
+Nick Aubert I guess I was talking about economic issues more than anything else.  You're probably right, for most social issues we are nearer the global center.  However, outside of the US it would be fairly hard to find anyone on the left who would support our style of employment-based health insurance.  Plenty of democrats do.  We also tend to the right when it comes to science.  Look at how many people don't believe in evolution.   In that respect we're more like some regressive theocracy than a post-industrial country and regressive theocracy is pretty far to the right.  
I think that the charts along the bottom are mislabeled. From left to right, it should read: "People of normal IQ", "Other People of normal IQ", "Dummies".
So the next question on the survey should have been, "Are you comfortable with the fact that your elected officials intentionally brought legislative business to a standstill for the duration of their term in office?" Because if we, as a nation, think that kind of performance is OK, we might as well lower the age of eligibility for members of Congress to 9 or 10.
+Steve Anderson I would agree were it not that your average 9 or 10 year old appears to be much smarter than your average Congressperson. Think about it: they would come to an agreement faster so they can go out and play. (>_<)
The Republicans aren't in the game for anybody but themselves and their own party...and they have shown it.  Almost every single bill pushed by Obama, even if it's something that the Republicans would typically go for, they vote down.  They don't represent the people as politicians in this so called "Representative Democracy" should.
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