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Tennessee legislature wants students to know that hand-holding is the first step to being a slut.
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Tennessee: trying their best to be even more retrograde and ignorant than Arizona...
good. hold your books instead of someone's hands
I can't believe . I have been having sex in the church with so many people when the priest say: give peace.
This is a joke right? This article belongs on the Onion
I'm so glad I no longer live in Tennessee.
Welcome to Christian America. Enjoy your Stay.
What? I thought that was only illegal here in Texas!
Holding a gavel is a gateway for stupid lawmakers to pass stupid laws!!! This lawmaker is just upset because no one would ever hold his hand.
What an insanely small bubble some people live in. For many other cultures (of which some, I would argue, espouse homophobic beliefs) holding hands is not at all sexual, particularly among same-sex hand holding. In that case, is it just for American teens that holding hands is a gateway to sexual activity? Should we require males to sit while peeing? Holding one's penis at any time might be a gateway to sexual activity. 
That's a whole 'nother ballgame. Having a penis is a gateway to sexual activity.
In Tennessee, for God's sake, do not listen to the Beatles' "I want to hold your hand"
I Agree +Alexa Alexa And I add, The Consequences of ignorant legislation like this only hurts the very fabric of our country.!
Oh how the Supreme Court is going to be very busy this year!
What no one is commenting about, is that the article states that this is the 2nd worst bill they passed this month.
Sal G
So Tennessee Government and All Government are all Sluts Too !!!!!
Whats the second step, pray tell.
You know what leads to hand holding, looking. After you notice, look at someone, whom you find attractive, it leads to all sorts of impure actions, like talking, having coffee, then finally, naughty hand holding.
US GOP really working hard to earn the title of American Taliban
It is now against the Law in Tennessee to be a Human Being.
Oh, and there goes the Buddy system to. Kindergarden will never be the same.
Wow, if I had only known, way back when. I was always reaching for other body parts.
WOW -- really? Just uh...really? These people are crazy, are they going to make kids wear chastity belts next?
really? If the parents of the Senate of Tennessee were taught these things as children, then the senators of Tenessee wouldn't even have the luxury of having the stupidity to create such laws! Seriously. get a grip and stop making religiously-motivated laws.
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