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Then it's a good thing Obama stepped in to save the auto industry.
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Mitt Romney's mind changes as often as Washington Weather
He's actually stuck by this one for some reason. I happen to disagree with him entirely on this point, but hey whatever.

Let's see what he says in the general election.
If he gets to the general he will somehow temper this. Anyone wanna take a $10k bet on that?
My gut says he'd invested heavily in KIA or some other off-shore car maker...
I am from the Detroit area and if GM / Chrysler would have gone under without assistance it would have DEVASTATED the economy here. There is not a single person that lives here that doesn't know a few people that work for the auto makers or their suppliers. That's not even taking in consideration the indirect jobs they support. Obama really did something that hit home when he took them under the Governments umbrella. It saved our city and made all of our lives better. This will not be forgotten sir!
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