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And now, 56 episodes of Star Trek TOS playing at the same time! (And yes, that includes audio.)
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I first read that as Star Trek: Terms of Service.
Soothing, in a geeky sort of way..
The voices... oh god the voices...
Oh my god this must have taken forever to render.
Jeezus. Sensory overload. Haha
I don't understand the purpose of this. It just sounds like a large assembly of people. It's completely pointless and probably ate up WAY too much time. I will stick to watching one at a time.
I recognized most of those episodes within a few seconds.
+Brandi M Polier The point is that it is insane. Why would anyone do it? What do you win for watching all 50 minutes of it? How long can you go before turning the volume down? When else would you have a chance to see something as crazy as this?

It's like the biggest ball of twine in Minnesota. To quote Weird Al Yankovich, "Oh, what on earth would make a man decide to do that kind of thing?
"Oh, windin' up twenty-one thousand, one hundred forty pounds of string.
"What was he trying to prove, who was he trying to impress?
"Why did he build it, how did he do, it was anybody's guess?
"Where did he get the twine, what was goin' through his mind?
"Did it just seem like a good idea at the time?"'s a work of art
It is a thing of beauty and horror. It is wonderful and frightening.
But wouldn't it be fucking amazing if at 48:13, at the exact same moment, each episode cuts to Spock saying "Fascinating," or "Damn it, Jim?"

(also, can i get the mp3 of this? That's almost perfect white-noise for me. ::shrugs::)
Bill C
Sounds a LOT like the voices I start hearing around 3AM after being awake all night.

Just saying...
+Carl Draper "Everything has a purpose, especially art." -Spock
(I really do not remember where this quote hails from -- I can't seem to pin it to an episode. Could be one of the several ST books I've read.)
Fav part: when the opening credits start rolling or two at a time.
This is ALMOST enough Star Trek for me to get my fix.
i dont watch star trek, but i love the newest movie.
wow... Having ADHD, this is a good example of what I hear all the time.
+ThinkGeek Its been a hell of a day. Thanks for sharing, I think I 'll make it through due to this.
I remember that episode! And that one, and that one... :)
Thats a lot of Star Trek awesomeness at the same time!!!!
sounds like an epic battle in alterac valley. could i have some buffs pls:P
Data can understand all of these at once, but if you want him to analyze the themes and aesthetics you'll need to cut it down to just four episodes at a time.
This is highly illogical.
Is this what Beverly Crusher heard in "Cause and Effect"?

(oops - did I just reference TNG in a TOS thread?)
Largest. Copyright infringement. Ever. ;-)
Or better known as trekkie porn for the hyper impatient.
jey rob
i saw and heard about five per time
There's a secret message in there somewhere. I will find it! .. I must!
I want to know how many men immediately fixated on the box with the belly dancer...
Brilliant! If only all 79 episodes were represented. You could say you'd watched them all in a single day!
from the audio it seems to be in the mind of the borg collective
Where's the accompanying streaming tag cloud? The live update barchart showing major characters talking/getting closeups?
I like the one with the two English aliens with big heads.
ok the only thing I can think of "Danger...Danger...Will Roberson...."
So much cheaper than buying those 56 monitors that I had planned...
That sounds like the worst orchestra warm up imaginable.
its an orchestra?????????????????????? i thouht it was star trek...which is awsome
It would have been awesome if some kind of freaky coincidence had emerged, like every episode suddenly saying "Jim" at the same time.
Let's play count the Spocks!

I got to 15 before my head melted.
I know I heard "he's dead, Jim" a couple of times!
OMG !! This is amazing, brilliant, and just strait-up cool. And it's the whole freakin' episode of each. I can't keep my eyes off it.
Seizure? Party of one? Your table is now ready...
> This is how Data watches TV.
This is how Chuck Norris watches TV.
FTFY :-)
Soooo true too bad Data couldn't get emotionally attatched
Sweet! I can hear them all with ease, as my brain is broken into 56 separate partitions!
After watching this, I no longer respect any of the people that like star trek.egg
its great at the 2:25 mark and forward for a bit when the ship flies forward on one screen, and back out on another
thats shamazing i luv it its as me and my friend would say A-W-E-S-O-M-E awesome awesome totall
Hopefully, nobody considers long-distance hiking below Luke Skywalker. It's the highest calling.
Convenient! Now I can say I've watched 56 episodes of Star Trek!
What are you talking about? I only see one with the sweet belly dancer. Not sure about the other 55 episodes....
Ou Ija
i know kung fu
Dammit, I'm a Doctor, Jim, Not a schizophrenic!
I never really watched star trek but I will listen to this!
Yay, star trek. But this gives me a headache.
I keep waiting for the crowd to quiet down and the concert to start.
I think my brain just fried...
I can't take it any more! Stop the cacophony!
This is the coolest thing I've ever seen...well it isn't exactly...but it is right up there :)
I'm more Star Wars than Star Trek, but I am loving the theme music and the credits roll! Well done!!
This is 56 episodes of nothing but doo doo
This is funny as hell... lol Love it.....
this is what comes out when you let a geek onto a super computer when no one is around.
Thats love Trek, but come
Sounds like my head when I try to go to sleep.
I don't know why, but I think this is awesome!
Now do the same for the Next Generation series
I'm a Star Trek fan but this is nuts... But someone has more time on their hands than need...
Go see "The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes." Maybe sleep-learning could work.
Well now, I think I just got found a crowded background track for anything. Dramatic music built in.
somebody has too much time on their hands.
who actually watched this entire thing??
Great I needed to catch up on a couple episodes I missed. Thanks!
...Damn it Jim, I'm a doctor, not a fly with compound eyes !
Why would someone do this? O_O I couldn't get past 1:02
NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! It's like my life flashing before my eyes!!! :D
Where's the +56 button?! This is absolutely amazing. O.O
Is this similar to what the Borg hear?
people probably don't notice anything other than the belly dancer
I imagine this is what it is like to be Borg.
This. Right here. Is what the Internet was invented for.
Trek overload! Enough to give you a mind meld.
This is strangely calming. I'm going to have party some day where I play this on the the wall or something.
You can't even focus in one if you wanted to. So crazy.
♡ ℒℴve ♡♥.•*.`*•♫ ♡ ℒℴve ♡♥.•*.`*•♫.
Wow...intense. I think I had a bad trip on nostalgia. A mind-blower for one that watched all those since he was 5.
nice. what about caption? me no hear english good.
I bet if you add subtitles, it would scroll just like the ending on movies. I forgot what it's called. XD
Angels and ministers of grace defend us from the huge migraine approaching at full impulse.
I liked the belly dancer brought back memories!
Why would anyone waste their time on this? You might as well just thrown all the DVD's into a Cuisinart!
CBS sucks. How could this possibly hurt them. Get the stick out of your ass CBS.
Has anyone grabbed it, where can I see this ?!
Why cbs? Where they making money off of it? wtf!
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