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Watt is love? (via
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Man, that song was released a couple of weeks before I graduated high school. _;
Ouch ouch ouchouch. Can I scrub my brain out with lye now please?! That pun HURT
And now, I'll have that song stuck in my head for the rest of the day...
Why hasn't anyone else +1'd this?

Should I be concerned that I found it hilarious?
To put a dose of humor in the science, is always a good idea.
+AddictingGames hope my post wasn't taken as negative...I think it's hilarious and painful. A solid kick to the mental nuts; geek Jackass, if you will.
Well ThinkGeek is know for Hawking its wares...
Now animate those pics so they do the SNL head bob. :)
Dovie R
Ok, when someone doesn't know about the Roxbury guys, I start crying...
lol... my science teacher would get a kick out of this
rt'd this on twitter this am. love it.
Thanks for Poynting this out. The laughter is Killing me.
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