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Parkland High School needs a new mascot. We suggest a Wookiee. Google Maps:
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Omg, a Wookiee for a school mascot would be the greatest thing ever.
If their mascot were a Wookiee, would anyone victorious due to school spirit then be required to say "I did it all for the Wookiee?"
Yes, but can their quarterback bulls-eye a womp rat?
A Wookiee mascot would do wonder for their sports program: "Droids don't tear your arm out its socket when they lose." "I suggest a new strategy: let the Wookiees win."
The layout looks like a Bounty Hunter head to me.
why not just the "Millennium Falcons"?
you guys that don't see it need to turn in your geek cards at the door as you leave...
When I first saw this, I thought of the Android logo.
Ok... I can see both the bounty hunter helmet and the 'droid logo... but yeah, looks more Millennium Falcon to me... And to think I could easily move one county over and my son would be in that school district...
My wife graduated the year BEFORE this school opened, in this school district. #superdisappointed
Orrrrr they can have Lando as their mascot! haha
Ha. Saw the Millennium Falcon right away. That's awesome. Wookie is probably the best idea for a mascot I've ever heard of.
Architects can get away with some pretty cool stuff...It's certainly better than a Corelian Bulk Cruiser.
Ewok would require a student of a certain stature no? Probably easier to stick with a wookie
I guess it looks like the Falcon but my first inclination was a Cyberman.
What the hell is an aluminum falcon?!?
Dovie R
They could simply change to Falcons.. :3
-.- its the Millennium Falcon, and a wokkie would be SOOOO Awesome
looks like c3po head.. with a headgear mic..
Uhhh, hello, can anyone say Millennium Falcon?
That is awesome! Truly an award winning design. As far as a mascot, any high school student would be an idiot NOT to want to be called a wookie! Their cheer at games could be: "Punch it, Chewie!"
They've been known to rip your arms from your sockets if they lose. I suggest a new strategy. Let the Wookies win.
And I thought my school was fancy for being in the shape of a cross.
When you go to the school on Google Maps, in the description there is actually the line "this bucket of bolts is never gonna get us past that blockade"
"Marching into a detention center is not what I had in mind." - Han Solo. I suggest the Parkland High School "Blockade Runners"
Football team should wear storm trooper helmets.
So that's where the rebel base is!!!
Minus points cause the tennis courts weren't arranged like a Tie fighter.
Yes! that would be Awesome! GO! Parkland Wookiees! Wookiee Fight!
Like, Chubaka?? Honestly? C'mon, not even cool......I wish we had a Wookiee as a mascot....we have a Ford.
Up next for the architect: Sandcrawler Preschool! All the children must dress as Jawas!
I went to that high school. We are the Parkland Trojans but I definitely agree that the Falcons is more appropriate. While it looks cool it is a horribly designed school to get from one end to the other because you aren't allowed to go outside to cut across.
could be an awkward damaged trooper helmet or a droid's face :D
the baseball fields and the tennis courts kind of look like a face
do their runners get .5 past lightspeed?
The shape of the school kind of looks like the Millennium Falcon.
I think it looks more like the robot, C-3P0.
I strongly DISAGREE! This is the Millennium Falcon! :P
I nominate Kevin O'Neill to be Captain Obvious.
the thing about that is because a honey badger does not give a S**T!!!!!!!!!
Wouldn't a Falcon be more appropriate?
I suggest Parrots, a "repeat" of continual championships ~
wookie is good the school from birds eye view is like the milenium falcon
the parking lot does look alot like the millennium falcon
The only problem with a wookiee or an Ewok as mascot would be that they are licensed characters so permission would be needed from Darth Lucas
Therefore, my vote is either for the Falcons or the Rebels
A bulldog seems like the perfect fit for this school.
A wookie would be perfect. If you don't understand why, take a closer look at the school.
wow thats so cool. im so on board with wookies so is my whole class after i showed them.
ter nea
The Millennium "Flunking's"!
Or "droids" or "falcons." :)
I never noticed before how much C3PO's head looks like the millennium falcon...
Felix S
That's funny, but I love it. And, yes I am a BIG GEEK. Ask my girlfriend.
looking at the map i thought of star wars and the fastest ship in the galaxy!
Pick YODA he's awesome and who really can beat him!!!
looks kid of like that star wars ship that later turns into the maliniam falcon
how did the Millenium Falcon there there???
3rd day and 5th repost of this on the "Hot" section of Google+
+Seth Moon that's what iv'e been trying to tell them! But wow I didn't know it was the 5th repost, enough already with this dam picture!
Why not The Borg. What better way to depress the other teams moral than by shouting "RESISTANCE IS FUTILE!! You will be assimilated......"
PSH.. I suggest Darth Vader, you wanna strike in some fear!
I'm thinkin' C3PO???? There's a strong likeness.
that is actually... I wonder if they ment to do that.
Well if they switch the macot the should change it to a Trojan condom to keep with the theme of Trojans. Hell theres no need to paint over any old picture just slap a condom on it. lol
She may not look like much, but she's got it where it counts....
This is just so crazy. I live right by there.... never thought I would see +ThinkGeek posting about my rival high school.
Or the DAFT PUNK's mask :)
Yes because C3P0 is a terrible mascot, remember he looses his head in the first 3 annoying movies and then gets ripped to pieced in the empire strikes back, not to mention Its the Wookie that carries him out.
Wookiee requires a REALLY tall student for the mascot, while an Ewok needs a REALLY short student (How about a gr 8er?) Could just give them the Smuggler as a mascot, no need to pay Lucas. ;)
Yes. The Screaming Wookies would rock. Just like Michael Stackpole suggested.
Kid brings home bad report card to parents. Do they reply with: "These are not the grades we're looking for."?
There's no way it wasn't designed that way on purpose!
She may not look like much, but she's got it where it counts, kid.
It's upsidedown, must be Mynocks chewing through the power cables again.
She can make the kessel run in less than twelve parsecs!
You know the building kind of look like half the empires sign
Response to Ariel Merriman: first high school did you get kicked out
Got to give that architect major kudos.....he got away with it :)
why not try google earth ?
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