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This is a GuiTARDIS.
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YES! I need that guitar! I can't even play guitar and I need that guitar!
Except in this case, they dubbed themselves "The When"
is it bigger on the inside?
It's an amazing guitar. Is it for sale???????
+david wass wins the comments. You can all go about your business now XD <still laughing>
What the crap... How do you play it... I see no strings... I think I will stick with Schecters... Like the Hellraiser Avenger.... That thing is a work of art.... And you can shred on it...
so.... that thing says : "I'm a geek and I'm in a band" ..... lonely Saturday nights...
I play a guitardis now. Guitardises are cool B-)
woah i want one COOL AHHHHHH! ^-^
I know sexy when I see it and that is sexy. 
Thanks +Julian Davies - yep my DrWhokelele is not just a plank of wood decorated, but actually hollow, with blinking LED lights inside! :D
this is the most legit thing ever created. Chuck Norris is jealous
everyone stop commenting when you do it gets sent to my email
My friends are always talking about tardises i have NO CLUE what they are
Wasn't going to comment but it's funny that Elijah Lidy is getting pissed.
I am a big doctor fan so that is awesome
Ya, that's what he said! He likes star trek and doctor who, his friends do too, he's a funny kid
wat is a tardis anywyas?
ok? i really have no clue
I love this...both my hubby and I are Dr Who buffs...we laughed so hard!!!
Ha! This guy is actually a friend of mine. I never thought his guiTARDIS would get this much publicity. :)
i wish i didnt understand this. hahaha
am sla
that's so stupid
That's amazing!!! I think I might make one...
My only critique is the headstock should be a white blinking light
The docter being to be saving the world while riding in his Tardis and playing his GuiTardis. AH HA!!!
I love DR. WHO he is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!! When does the new season start?
Way too funy, Carefull the borg are comming to take it away! :)
guiTARDISes are cool.
That is srsly awesome!!
The T.A.R.D.I.S. could actually assume that shape...

..before that function stopped working.
Is it bigger on the inside?
nice lira!!! but it ll nice to play it !!!!! KOOL!!!!!!!
Fascinating. A most unusual application of dimensional transcendentalism.

I must evaluate any potential application to certain heretofore unsolvable technical problems in my Universe.
I hope it has a fireplace. A dishwasher would be nice.
I don't remember the reference...
OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE DR. WHO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My dad is gonna freak when he see's this. IT'S AWESOME!!!!!!!! Omg....this is gonna take a really long time to get over how completely awesome it is. My dad and I are obsessed with Dr. Who (like seen every episode in existence, have tons of knick knacks representing it, get all excited when something like that ^^^^ pops up, etc. :).
OMG I LOVE ALL YOU WHOVIANS!!!! ;* as I let my family know, I call dibs on Matt Smith!!!
any of you guys shop at rebel base comic and toys?
A guitar AND a home! For the struggling musician.
I might trade my Les Paul for it. Not my Martin, but yes to my Les Paul!
I see what you did there, mister.
That is one awesome guitar.
I wonder WHO's it is?!? : P
this is nice nnnnnnaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Art is a friend of mine and does amazing things painting guitars!
tradis guitar is.... Ukelele. Tis one is uuu... Lala.
:) Does it come with new theme music?
what´s the use of reading this mail???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kaw Ku
very very nice it but i real love it too you know how do it .
great job! where is the speaker? is it from the inside? :P
cooo cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool
-1 The windows are the wrong size
Totally my thing it is awesome
Whattttttt! the doctor knows how to play the guitar.
of course he does, hes the doctor
Ya! I mean, he's only 900 years old (or maybe more. I'm only on the 9th doctor). He's bound to have picked it up at some point. 
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