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In a world... where classic children's games are made into movies with lots of special effects...
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A hippo large enough to eat a destroyer is a terrifying thought. Thanks, TG, for the nightmare fodder!
You know, I would go watch that over Battleship anyday!
Still a better story than Twilight.
I'm holding out for Snakes on a Ladder.
About damn time! XD

When is Candyland getting some Hollywood love??
Ants In Your Pants: A new definition of horror from the key grip on SAW III and some guys who walked past the studio while they were filming Hostel.
Matt H
They're actually doing a Monopoly movie. And a Ouija one (though they seem to forget 1987's Witchboard...but okay).
I know that special effects in movies are expensive, take a long time to produce, and require many talented CG artists these days. I definitely applaud those artists for doing some incredible work.

That does not, however, excuse the fact that so many movies are being released which are nothing BUT special effects held together by a threadbare plot with more holes than a wheel of Swiss cheese.

Maybe I'm just getting old, but I'm beginning to appreciate subtle acting performances and cohesive plot lines more than special effects.

Next thing you know, Hollywood will be making a movie based on Clue!

Oh wait...
This summer, a series of murders spread across New York. The only clues the police find are a series of tiles with letters on them on each victim. Now, the only hope to make sense of the crimes and catch the killer is a lone wolf hotshot detective with a penchant for words... and a triple word score.


"Damnit, that's not a word! THAT'S NOT A WORD!" "(chuckles) Look it up, detective." (gunshot)
This would just be stupid. Not that Battleship wont be.
I'd watch this. It actually reaches a level of absurdity that would make it appealing. Battleship falls way too short of that line.
as long as they eat more than Balls
That looks EPIC! I would totally see it.
How can you talk about Battleship like that
that box office hit has made me watch films in a completely new way

This is hilarious! I thought the whole "Battleship" thing was a joke. I wish it was. It looks so terrible!

Next movie: "Tic, Tac, Toe.... Die"
lmao .. fierce bite force!!! would we be the white pearls .. they consume ever-so-ravenously??
is this directed by Michael Bay?
thats surprisingly accurate. hippos kill the most humans per year than almost any other animal
i would so watch this over and over till my eyes bled X.x
thats frickin hilarious and stupid
Jin Nam
YES!!!!! Nomnomnom...Awesome. Totally.
Who cares about The Hunger Games?! This is the movie of the year!
Is it bad that I want to see the movie in the poster?
the hunger games is SURLEY way better than this movie.
there is this child's game called hungry hungry hippos and its like for 3-7 years old.
I hope Olivia Lee is kidding.
anything that is introduced with 'in a world' has to be great, right? Reminds me of this Jerry Seinfeld teaser trailer... Comedian Movie Trailer
now Olivia Lee my 14 year old couisn sew the hunger games and said that he disliked it,so comeing from hem this move is better then the hunger gamers
Exactly. The entire concept of turning a grid childrens game into a live action movie is BEYOND dumb
OH MY GOSH!!! i love you have the coolest shirt and it is from thinkgeek
Don't forget, two pinches of ocean, one pinch of alien makes the movie!
O.O Wow, Hungry Hungry Hippos the movie. Intense
this movie looks COOL lol
you guys really care?
they turn games into a movie and u go crazy when i say that the best book in the world is better?
if this is real i will will watch this

Overall rating
i have the game from when i was younger and all you do is press a button to open a hippo's mouth to eats plastic white balls.
then if u get the most balls, u win.
its a loud game clang clang clang.
like abby klein said if she meant it this way, wow so intense.
lol- you know hippos kill alot more than you might expect...
Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water...
I suppose everything else has been been done, so the next logical step is "Giant Hippos"
man, how did that hungry, hungry hippos song go in the commercials again? i was so catchy, i hope it comes back to me...
I could totally see this happen - basic plot something along the same line as Lake Placid and ramp it up to Piranha levels of violence. I think it could be an instant "cult classic" type of movie
Watch, it'll be Candy Land and Chutes and Ladders next!
Why is it that the hypothetical parody movies always seem (and probably would be, were they real) more entertaining than the real movies upon which they are based?
theyre actually pretty aggressive animals. it wouldnt not be scary.
I watched Battleship tonight very over the top I loved every second of it! 
This is like the the sexual the Battleship right? ( cause theyre both by hasbro )
quit it you're giving me nightmares
Somewhere "Candy Land" is being written.
a dark twist on an old childhood game..........Can't wait to see it!
Adam H
it is almost the end of April. it hasn't come out yet. why????????????????????????????
save yourselves comingto a theater near you bum bum bum
I was making this joke last year. That said, I will be going to the Battleship movie in the hopes that eventually Hungry Hungry Hippos will be on the big screen.
what the hell hungry hungry hippos eat little balls not ships
what's next: Operation! and Chutes n Ladders?
hahahahahhahahahaha funny
I can totally hear the #voiceover for this!
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I discussed this post with 1 person in a hangout.
oh""""""""""""" what a lovely picture i`m dreeming seens their right now
Morgan Freeman should do the narration for the trailer because he is amazing.
and this is why you never make a childrens game and expect it to just be a childrens game
Can people please report +Ray Saucedo for spamming. He's been pasting that crap all over anything in the What's Hot feed.
Sounds like it'll come on SyFy any time now.
ha first of all I LOVE think geek and have all their products. This is hilarious and definitly something i would see lol
Frank E
Can't wait for the Chutes and Ladders movie!
Can't wait to see the "Lady Lovely Locks" film!
Can't wait for Barrel full of monkeys.
That would be awesome if that was going to be a real movie!
I have to see that if you make it o_o
If it's not Stratego or Mousetrap, I'm not sure it'll grab my attention.
Yahh what the hell are you talking about. COPY RIGHT my ass
if u look closely u can tell the hippos are a little bit bigger than normal hippos
ha thats fuuny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Where can I pre-order the DVD?!?!?
so funny and do u guys wanna be friends wit me just got a gmail and have no friends
Evan Wu
i never knew a childs game so epic it could destroy the world....... i want it!
Well, they already made Battleship. I wouldn't be surprised if they do. Movie plots have become generic from overuse and few stories are still available for successful cinema. That said, I suppose games are the next frontier. I wouldn't mind a Halo movie, to be honest.
LOL... with all the comic movies coming out, this is perfect!!
looks like they combined it with Battleships.
i would actually want to see that if it were a real movie XD :)
Your survival rest in the hands...
of the sugarplum fairy...
Leon T
that made me laugh out loud
I could totally see a mashup of this with Survivor: "I'm the sole survivor!"
Why not? They already did a Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots. (Real Steel with Hugh Jackman) LOL
LOLOLOL!!!! they alreasy did battleship, and rock em sock em robots!! but this would be the best!!!
I'm so seeing that movie..
ain't hugry hungry hippos a board game??????
God....that is so funny!!!!
OMG it's my friend's mom! Don't be alarmed people! She is just hungry! Does anybody have a giant loaf of bread?
For the record, Hippos kill more people every year than crocodiles. And it's cute that some folks think this is real. Hahaha! How about a movie based on Scrabble? Everyone loses their voices and have to communicate with sguare letters. Tagline: The War of Words Has Become a War For Words. Just typin' out loud.
Yahtzee! Tagline: Are you feeling lucky, punk?
with the way holly wood is these days I bet this will come to be lol
Guys Guys Plez i Want To See "Hopscotch" The movie as much as the next person!
i guess indie films is all i can turn to
hahaha whats a hippo doing in the ocean?
The Hippo Horror! From the makers of Scary Scrabble and Terror of the Tic Tac Toe
Matt Damon will also reprise his role as Mike McDermott in "Rounders 2: Yahtzee".
Not just a Hungry Hippo, but a Hungry Hungry Hippo, now I'm scared.
Personally I'm looking forward to "Humpty Dumpty: The Great Fall."
Oh no... They've found me.
There are B grade movies that features such gargantuan monsters such as megasharks, crocosaurus and so on, who knows, HHH might really have a chance to be made
for the love of God Michael Bay please stop making movies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
collect all the marbles and you win.
Hippos are cute animals. I don't want children to scare of them.....stop making that horrible movies...
Hippos kill more humans than any other animal on the planet. Children should fear them. and they aren't cute, they are disgusting looking creatures.
Lola that's so funny going to to see that movie when it comes out

looks like the greatest movie ever. cant wait for preview! LOL!! :D
i think i wanna see this more than battleship
Dave J
This will be a great Saturday B movie.
i would watch that three times on it's priemeir
lol... trying hard to take this seriously, lol
Ransu X
I'm still waiting for the Hong Kong Phooey movie.
The title of the movie: Hippo Jaws 3 The Sequel in 3-D LoL....
I would watch that, sounds awesome!
haha!!!!!!!!THAT LOOKS BEAST!!!!!!!!!!:D 
I'm waiting for the movie about the construction worker who fights tower-destroying terrorists.
You've heard about this one, right?

How about "Candyland"? A delightful coming-of-age comedy/drama set amidst a Wizard of Oz style kingdom.
lshmbafo-laughing so hard my butt is about to fall off!!! i litterally just made that up!!!!
Haha how true. But I luv me some hungry hungry hippos!
Strangely, this sounds very interesting! lol
I'd love to see that movie...
You're a loose cannon, Hugo! You need to grow up and face the fact that eating primary-colored plastic balls isn't all there is to life! Now, get out there and fight that alien menace so that Maggie will take you back in a heart-breaking final scene!
waves shoulda been bigger
awesome! i miss playing hungry hungry hippos... is it even still in the market?
Why dont they make video game of it
I would be the first person in line to see that
Always count on hollywood to make things exciting. And fake.
In a world, where mankind is chosen at random to compete running around, avoiding traps, all-the-while wearing... mouse suits.
This is,
Mouse Trap!
"You roll your dice, you move your mice, and EVERYONE gets hurt"
What about an edible Candy Land?
+Zade Roxel Fantastic! There's that summer blockbuster voice over guy talking over a slo-mo montage of the likable-geeky-guy running around town saving the hot-geeky-girl-that's-way-too-hot-for-the-likeable-geeky-guy being chased by gargantuan mice.
Don't need a screenplay, out in 2015.
LOL... Hunger makes him huge. Might have eaten asia.
This isn't real everyone sorry to burst your bubble..but damn that game was fun.
Man, this could ne our 'Nam' if it were real...
that would make an interesting movie...i would def go see it especially in 3D
Love it! When are they coming out with chites & ladders or Candyland?
Lol, this would probably be better than battleship
No kidding, hippos kill more people than all the other large animals combined.
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