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If William Shakespeare wrote JavaScript. Also Hemingway, Breton, Bolano, Dickens:
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The blog post is fantastic.  This was extremely well thought-out.
Most of the comments are in iambic pentameter.
There is actually a stack-based programming language called Shakespeare that works something like the comments. You declare variables in the Dramatis Personae table at the top, add and remove them from the stack with "enter" and "exit", and increment and decrement their values through dialogue.
+Adam Gignac I was gonna say that it wouldn't be that hard to build a language that used the idiom of a playwright as a model. Glad it's already been done so I don't find myself involved in another project.
So how will ThinkGeek fit this on a T-shirt?
This reminds me of the Turd head Actionscript poetry contest.
Made me laugh, and reminded me of:
I'm gonna comment all my code like that from now on.
the shakespere language that you talk about sounds like lol-cats-script. :)
And "theSize" is the mysterious stranger - nerver declared xD
What? No recursive solution? I want to see the play within the play!
(Couldn't find vertical bar on my android keyboard)
Gotta be some way to convert "Wherefore art thou" into SQL tho
"Wherefore" is actually more like "why", so if we wanted to get into that, we'd need to pull out the debugger...
That makes me smile in a way that most of my friends would mock me for.
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