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Happy Towel Day, Glorious 25 May, 35th anniversary of Star Wars, first commercial ISS docking, and Geek Pride Day to everyone--but especially Sir Ian McKellen, who turned 73 today. To many more!
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Hah hah, nice! :D
You are aware that I am not actually a wizard? Fan-frakking-tastic +westin g :) I had never seen that one!
I think the proper conjugation is "thou shalt". No hate, please! Language is my geekery. ^^;
I think today shall forever be known as Epic Day.
+Chris McKelvy While that is where the quote is from I think +Jessica McCormick was pointing out that typically when that particular sentece is constructed it is written as 'Thou shalt not x'. Especially given this uses an archiac form of address.
+Chris McKelvy I know. I've watched each film more times than I can count (figuratively speaking, but I've not been keeping track), including multiple viewings with +RiffTrax and the extended editions. I'm just commenting on the conjugation of shall. "You shall" is correct, but "thou" requires "shalt".
Would like to see a Madea version: "You ain't getting thru here, baby! Mmmm-mmm"
dude!! that's awesome that he shares a bday with geek pride day!
The most interesting wizard in Middle Earth,
The Most Attractive Man In The World.

Yeah, there's an extra step or two in that one.

Let it sink in.

There it is.

All the levels of that joke.

You're welcome.
I see what you did there Jon. And I like it. I like it lots.
Today is my Birthday. And for the record Jon, you have not seen the most attractive man in the world unless you've seen William Shatner in his Captain Kirk days. I am a state of the art 2012 Star Trek lover.
I share a Birthday with that guy awsome.
Obsurd to the point of hilarious.
no, acording to the bing bang theory,(a tv show i found when a was looking up bing bang theory), the best number is 37!
Mm, yeah, that's what I was mentioning. And Sheldon said '73'. I watched the episode 2 days ago. Oh, but why am I arguing with the thinkgeek troll? Silly me.
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